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Having a Quiet Time

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Do the words “quiet time” seem nearly impossible when you think about your daily schedule? Jesus tells us to “Come and see.” We can come before Him and see the blessings He has for us in His Word. By doing this you will be a great example for your children.


Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. 

Psalm 46:10


Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture for your house only to take it home, open the box, and realize there are about fifty pieces that have to be assembled?  A few years ago my roommate came home from IKEA with a huge bookshelf.  The only problem was that the bookshelf was a puzzle we had to figure out.  As we pulled out the instruction manual, we almost didn’t know where to start. 

This is how I used to feel during my quiet time.  I would look at my Bible and was unsure where to start.  I felt like my Bible was staring me in the face just waiting to be discovered, but I was overwhelmed with getting started.  Let’s look at a few ideas of things to do during a quiet time.  

These are great reminders for ourselves as well as great points in directing your kids in their quiet times.

  1. Choose a place and time to sit still before the Lord.  What a challenge.  For many of you with kids, that time might be early in the morning or during your child’s nap.  Find a place where you can sit without being distracted by your phone, the tasks needing to be done, or people.  Whether it’s in your closet, on your back porch, or at your kitchen table, find a place where you can meet with our God who longs to speak to your heart.
  2. There is not one magic formula for the perfect quiet time.  The point is to know God more.  If God speaks to you through music, play several songs during your time with Him.  Write your thoughts or prayers in a journal.  Go for a walk and talk with God.  Sit and ask God to speak to your heart as you open up the Bible and read.  Kneel and go to God in prayer.  God is a creative God – He created an incredible world.  Don’t be afraid to be creative in the way you approach our Heavenly Father. 
  3. Choose something of interest and spend time studying it in God’s Word.  If you are currently walking through a tough time, read Psalms and be encouraged by the promises of God.  If you want to know more about who God is, do a study on the names of God.  If you need to be reminded that our joy comes from Christ, read through Philippians.  Ask God to reveal new lessons and challenges to you as you dive into His Word.  As you begin studying God’s Word, you will soon discover that the people in the Bible are not too different than you and I. 

As we get alone and spend quiet time with God, He reveals Himself to us and reminds us of truth.  May we not neglect time with the One who desires our hearts. 

Camper Corner

Read Psalm 46:10 at the top of this page.  What does it look like to be still before God?  What can you do as you spend time with God? 

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