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How Kids Can Work Hard…Hopefully Fighting Entitlement

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Sometimes some good, hard work is just the fix for several things…at the top of the list is entitlement. Kelli wonderfully points out how we, as parents, can help our kids remain focused on others.


Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also the interests of others. 

Philippians 2:3-4


Our millennial generation seems to wear the name tag “entitled”.   The reports of the up and coming Z generation will probably don the same name … just with a trendier font.  Truth be told, they are not the first of the entitled, self-focused, impatient, or dissatisfied.    

Nope.  We have been fighting the desire and drive to get what we want since the apple traded hands in the garden.  And we will wrestle with it until we see Heaven. So, let’s wrestle with it well. 

How do we provide opportunities that go directly against our sinful nature and the culture that feeds it so well?

  1. Value work.   Hard work instills appreciation, value and a lasting work ethic.  When we study for the A consistently each night and receive it … we value it.   When we are a part of a team where everyone carries their weight toward a common goal … we appreciate it.   When we naturally pick up the heavy load for another … those ethics will last.  
  2. Say no.  If you are reading this, it is probably on a laptop or phone.  You have the means to say yes to a lot of great things for your children and yourself.  I encourage you to say no.  Say no to the trending wants.  Say no to the open wallet.  Say yes to our kids paying for what they desire.  It is a sure way to see how badly they really want it.
  3. Keep perspective. Simply step into a Salvation Army to help serve dinner and one’s perspective will begin to change.  Invest time in a cause that reminds us we are fortunate for what we have and that we can actually do with a lot less “stuff”.  When our son went to Peru he met a young man living in poverty … but with great joy.  He took this away in his heart, “I hope he never has what we have (in America), he might lose all his joy.”   Entitlement doesn’t rapantly live in third world countries, gratefulness does.

God knew that this would be a struggle for us … it is why He wanted Adam and Eve to steer clear of one specific tree.  Not much time passed,for the serpent to convince them that they deserved it, that it would be easy to obtain, that it would make them great.  And it doesn’t take long for us to convince ourselves of the same things.   

Hard work, resisting the fleeting desires and keeping perspective of what is eternal will create a new generation of humble, others focused, selfless people.   Let’s be a part of that!

Camper Corner

What is the hardest you have ever worked at something?  What was the outcome?  What did you learn from that experience?

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