The Words He had Written

My hands and pockets are always full and overflowing with treasures found while taking a walk with my youngest son.

He consistently hands me special rocks, doodle bugs and bottle caps each step we take. And honestly, they don’t all make it back to him… I am a pretty discerning purger.

On our last walk, I had set the doodle bugs free and pitched a few wrappers in the trash, but I kept turning this worn stubby pencil over and over in my hands when I became fixed on the thought, “I wonder what words this pencil has written?” Wouldn’t that be cool if we knew? It could be anything…spelling words, grocery list, a lunch note, a resignation, a love letter.

As I continued turning that seemingly worthless pencil in my hand, It occurred to me that it still has so much more to write.

Isn’t God the same way?

He has written so many wonderful words and truths for us. He has recorded history for us to learn from and promises to sustain us.

And He is not done writing. The same eternal pen that wrote the never changing truths of the Bible continues to write the story of our lives.

That is why we start our days at camp digging into God’s Word.

We set aside time for First Fruits and Batters Box so that we can be disciplined to know and trust and lean on the true words God has penned just for us.

Those moments in God’s Word are not saved just for summer camp. We should dedicate a bit of our day with His written Word, because His Word is dedicated to see us through our days. In the days we wonder why God is writing our story the way He is, we can find confidence in what He has already done and what He promises to do.

The same eternal pen that wrote the never changing truths of the Bible continues to write the story of our lives.

Never will we turn the Bible over in our hands, wondering what words were written. Instead, we can open His Word and soak in the wonders He has abundantly given us. And when we do so, it won’t be long until we see our hearts and lives overflowing with the treasures that the Lord gives us as we walk with Him through His Word.

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