5 Reasons to Invest Your Child’s Summer at Camp

1. Relationships.

People will always be around, and interacting with them will continue to be a part of our every day. Whether it is communicating with the cashier or becoming close friends with a neighbor… relationships are a part of life, and camp is all about relationships. From your camper’s bunk mates to their coaches, and most important, in their time with the Lord, they learn how to interact, respect and be in healthy relationship with others.

“One thing I loved about camp was being there with all new people…people that didn’t know me or my parents, so they didn’t have expectations or associations with me. It was awesome to explore that and experience authentic life change, as a result of that. ”
-Former camper now bringing her daughters to camp

2. Independence.

Going anywhere without mom and dad naturally fosters basic independence. But, at camp, doing so many things that simply cannot be done at home, kids are given an opportunity to be on an adventure all by themselves! Campers will “own” the basics of brushing their teeth and getting dressed. But, even more so, in a safe and trusted environment, they see and act upon the responsibility they are given for the decisions, conversations and even their own growth. As a result, kids begin to stretch their wings and fly into their independence.

“ I want that for my kids!!! I want them to navigate & experience camp and new ways to grow, without me & my husband over their shoulder”
-Alumni coaches, now mom and dad with campers.

3. Reinforcement.

We are in this with you. Growing kids into AMAZING adults is the goal. Giving them the tools through God’s Word, solid mentors and tangible life lessons is our heartbeat. At camp, we have the opportunity to do that unplugged, engaged and with a different voice. We are your backup!

“Growing-up, sometimes I felt like our family was alone in our values and walk with Christ. When I went to camp, I found like-minded friends and coaches, and I had hope. The lifestyle at camp reinforced what I was being taught to me at home. This is what I want my child to experience as well.”
-Camp Mom and alumni coach who now sends her two sons to camp.

4. Grow taller ”inside”.

When you pick your camper up on closing day, you will notice they have grown taller in the six days you have been apart. Slight chance it is their height… but we guarantee it will be the way they have grown taller “inside”. There is a confidence in them that is unexplainable, yet reflects tremendous growth.

“To see real Christianity presented in an authentic and exciting manner. For them to unplug from the world and to see that Christ is real and that they can truly have a life-changing relationship with Him.”
-Former camper and coach, has sent his kids to camp for seven years now.

5. Don’t Waste Fun.

Camp is just fun. In fact, at T Bar M Camps, we make it our number one rule not to waste fun. We intentionally think through every part of our days (and nights) in order to maximize the fun and growth and safety we have at camp. If any one of those falter, then fun will be wasted… and well, that would be breaking the rules!

“A week away from the world where my kid can experience Heaven on Earth! I am sure heaven will be even greater than camp, but for now, that is as close as we can get.”
-Former camper and now mom who tries to sneak into camp when she drops her boys off.