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don't waste fun - at home

We’re bringing you fun activities to do at home!

Are you needing some fun activities to do at home? We got you covered! Check out this page for resources on fun things to do at home during this time. Remember, our number one rule at camp is “DON’T WASTE FUN!”

Check back every week for updated ideas and tag us on social media @tbarmcampstx to show us all the fun you’re having in quarantine!

fun in the sun

coloring pages

Coloring Pages! Click the image to download our variety of coloring pages. Check back every week for more.

campify your connection

Wish you were at camp? Us too! Campify your virtual connections with our fun backgrounds.

Although you may be wearing the same clothes 3 days in a row, you can still keep things fresh by changing your virtual background – available for download below.

Get ready for camp!

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