be in the know

we are serious about relationships

And we are serious about keeping them healthy!

The “special sauce” of T Bar M Camps is our summer Coaching staff. They love God. They love kids. And they love to play!

The relationship built during a week of camp can be quite strong. Campers love to reach out to their Coaches after summer.  And we love that! However, relationships outside of camp need YOUR eyes and ears and permission to stay healthy. For the protection of both the Camper and the Coach, we train how to maintain healthy relationships outside camp with the below Camper to Coach Contact Policy.

We are in this together, and together we can help our kids grow relationships that are honoring to God and honoring to each other.

Please read the below policy carefully. This policy describes what T Bar M calls a healthy relationship outside of camp.



• Obtain parent/guardian permission in writing so that all communication is clear and transparent.

• Parents of all campers must approve any and all interactions with campers, including but not limited to: text, email, social network interactions, phone calls, personal visits and online gaming. No interaction should ever take place without the knowledge and approval of the camper’s parents or guardian.

• If a camper requests to be a “friend” on Facebook or similar social networking sites like Instagram or online gaming sites, permission from parents should be granted before accepting these offers.

• We suggest either writing campers via postcards or placing letters in envelopes addressed to parent and camper. Both ways parents can be aware of contents. Copy parents if you are emailing a camper. This rule applies to texting as well.

• Current or former staff members should never be alone with a camper in an unobserved context or location. This is a policy which takes on even more importance outside of camp.

• If parents permit ongoing text or social media contact, the content of those conversations should involve discipleship and spiritual encouragement.

• Current or former staff members should limit connections by gender. Current or former male staff members should not initiate or maintain contact with female campers. Current or former female staff members should not initiate or maintain contact with male campers. Dating relationships of any kind between staff members or volunteers and a camper are strictly prohibited.

• If a family invites a current or former staff member to visit, these visits should never involve spending the night at the camper’s home.

• Just like in camp, if a camper shares information that puts them or anyone else in danger, the parents of that child should be notified immediately. When in doubt, err on the side of caution, and contact a T Bar M Camp Director for counsel.

• All communication should be God honoring and encouraging in content.

• A Coach’s affiliation with T Bar M officially ENDS at the time stated in their summer contract