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Playing on sandy beaches, snorkeling, surfing, sailing and hiking rain-forest trails … this will be an epic Hawaiian adventure. We will swim with manta rays, exotic fish and sea turtles. We’ll visit the local diners or cook our own food over an open fire. Pack boots and prepare to hike up waterfalls and explore the rain-forest that make Hawaii a place of beauty on land as well as water.

Equipping the campers will begin each morning with time alone in God’s word complete with a beautiful jungle and river view. Led by the best of our T Bar M Coaches, campers will come together and learn the basics of worldviews and be encouraged to engage in worldview conversations around creation, meaning and purpose, morality and destiny. The campers will also learn more about the Hawaiian people, their fragile reef ecosystems and the joys and challenges they face daily.

Serving the local island children will be a highlight for most of our campers. Every camper will train and prepare to be a T Bar M Jr. Coach and lead day-camp-like activities for local kids. Three days will be spent on an island where we will partner with a local church and provide afternoon day camps to the small-island’s children whose Hawaiian parent’s work to serve tourist. It’s sure to be a rare Hawaiian experience for any traveler.


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