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a jungle adventure

Play. Equip. Serve.

Playing along the mighty Amazon river in Iquitos, Peru, the world’s largest city that cannot be reached by road. Campers will hike rain-forest basins, play soccer with local kids in the historic Plaza de Amas square, and ride motorized tricycles to view the city streets lined with mud huts mingled with magnificent tiled mansions. And that’s just the fun outside Camp Amazon’s gates! Within the gates campers will bunk in cinder-block cabins and shower in cinder-block bath houses all built by T Bar M back in the early 2000. This property will become home-base for us for the week.

Equipping the campers will begin each morning with time alone in God’s word complete with a beautiful jungle and river view. Led by the best of our T Bar M Coaches, campers will come together and learn the basics of worldviews and be encouraged to engage in worldview conversations around creation, meaning and purpose, morality and destiny. The campers will also learn more about the Iquitos people and the joys and challenges they face daily.

Serving the local children will be a highlight for most of our campers. Every camper will train and prepare to be a T Bar M Jr. Coach and lead day-camp-like activities for local kids. They will have an opportunity to develop a relationship with their local kids as they will serve them three afternoons. If campers know Spanish, this will be an awesome time to practice. If they don’t, they will have fun using creative ways to communicate for “fun” is a universal language!


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Pricing is all-inclusive from the moment you drop your camper off at The San Antonio International Airport. Each camper will also receive a free T Bar M Camp Amazon t-shirt. The only expense your camper may have are extra snacks purchased during travel and souvenirs in Peru.

History of Camp Amazon

Back in 2008, T Bar M had an opportunity to work with the local people to develop a camp for the local kids. T Bar M invested full-time staff and funds raised through camp families to build bunk houses, bath houses, a large covered-pavilion and grassy ball fields on a beautiful piece of property on a tributary of the Amazon River. For five years we sent college kids to help train local leaders as well as send campers to help with local camps. We are excited to reunite with Camp Amazon and once again offer this exciting adventure to our older campers.

For more information contact Keith Myer at [email protected] or call his office at 830.620.4263.


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