Is Accountability Really Necessary?


Merry Christmas to y’all! While we’re in a break from the daily grind it’s great to talk about something as important in life as accountability. Let’s make those car rides and slower schedules count. Jacob gets us going…

Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. James 5:16

I recently found myself inspired, proclaiming – “I want to grow and I want to be intentional about it.”  How do I do that effectively, I asked?  The immediate thought that came to mind is that I needed other men to ask questions and speak into my life.  My next thought… “that sounds hard and uncomfortable, I don’t know if I want to be that intentional about it.”

Here is the reality…God created us to live in community with others who can help point us to Jesus.  Walking with Jesus is not a solo adventure.  If we want to be parents who are growing in all aspects of life, we must willfully submit ourselves to outside questioning from others.  Sometimes this happens naturally, other times we have to be intentional about it. 

Don’t take the easy road.  We have to be intentional about placing people in our life who can challenge us and who we can learn from.  More so than that, we need to take time to teach our kids to do the same.

  1. Seek wise counsel…in multiple places – There was a time in my life that I made sure to have one “accountability partner.”  While this was a great experience, I have since learned the benefit of “spreading myself out.”  For example, it might not be as wise to have discussions with your pastor about your financial stewardship as it would be to ask the banker who is in your small group.  You get the idea!  Surround yourself with multiple men/women who are “experts” in different fields who can ask you more pointed questions.  You will also be able to ask them questions regarding the areas that you want to grow in.
  2. Commit to Accountability…it’s worth it – As parents, if we are going to meet with others for the purpose of accountability – it’s most likely going to have to happen early in the morning!  But what about that precious sleep?!  I am confident the Lord will sustain us!  Regardless of when it is decided to meet with others…commit.  Schedule it in your planner so that there is no backing out.  Be sure to ask the person you desire to meet with if they are able to meet on a consistent basis. 
  3. Encourage your kids – As you are intentional with your own accountability and growth, encourage your kids to do the same.  Ask them if there are specific areas they want to grow/be challenged in this year.  Have them write those areas down.  Once their “growth areas” are acknowledged, ask them if there is anyone in their life that they could ask/be asked questions about those areas.  Help them contact those people if needed and set up a regular time to meet.

The value of accountability is growth…growth toward being more like Christ.  When we are intentional about our growth, it requires us to be accountable to certain people.  While this is often uncomfortable, it always proves worth it!

Camper Corner:

What area do you want to experience growth in this year?  Is there a way that I can hold you accountable as a parent?  Who in your life would you like to learn from?

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