Appreciation. It’s Not Overrated.


Thanksgiving…more than a holiday. Rather it’s a condition of our hearts and an attitude to choose. Kelli shares with us the importance of being thankful!

In everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you.  I Thessalonians 5:18

After a long weekend of theater performances, my daughter ran up to me with a huge hug and two simple words.  Thank You.   The final meeting of a very long week full of heavy decisions was over and a simple text from employee to employer was sent.  Thank You.  When the food is served and the waitress is about to walk away, it is a good time to say, Thank You. 

Each person giving the words and each person receiving the words are blessed.  Their hearts are each given a gift in those two simple words of appreciation.   Everyone involved has been noticed and valued in giving or receiving the act of service or the action of appreciation.  Two words can go a long way.  Let’s not be afraid to use them frequently.     

1.  Look for things to give thanks for.  Thankfulness is proactive. Sometimes we can forget the fact God chooses to love us as His children. He does! For this we can be thankful! He also offers us salvation and relationship with Him through His Son. That’s life changing to say the least! Also everyday things like waking up in the morning and having breakfast to eat is a HUGE thing to be thankful for … but don’t stop there, keep looking.

2.  Say Thank You.  Two words, two seconds is all it takes to show appreciation.  Of course, feel free to elaborate on why you are grateful to the person you are thanking.  It will bless them … and you! Who can you thank this morning?  This afternoon?

3.  Accept Thanks.  Sometime accepting thanks is hard.  Remember gratitude is a gift.  Treasure the words someone is giving you.  Take the time to acknowledge their gratefulness…however big or small it may be.

We have so much to be thankful for if we are able to read this devo!    May we all develop a lifestyle of thankfulness starting today.

Camper Corner:  

God wants us to be thankful … and He has given us an abundance of things to be thankful for. This week, you have a little homework (Eek! Keep reading, it’s not that bad).   When you climb into the car after school or practice or when you all sit down at the dinner table, be ready to share THREE things you were thankful for today.  (But watch out, if you are looking for things to be thankful for all day … bet you will find WAY more than three!)

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