Guys, Set Boundaries


Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “Eyes are the window to the soul.” Read Johnny’s insights reminding guys of the importance of setting boundaries…it matters to the soul.

“Let your eyes look directly ahead and let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you.”  Proverbs 4:25

Today, YES TODAY, our eyes are bombarded with mixed messages designed to rob our billfold and our innocence.  Men, our eyes are the gateway to our mind’s fixations, and we need boundaries so we do not stray.

Life is tough when we do not have clear boundaries protecting our eyes, hands, feet, minds and our fixations.  Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking unguarded eyes are not observed by others.  Dads and guys taking a longer glance, okay stare, send messages that devalue a wife / daughter as well as validate a young boy into the idea “that’s what being a man is about.”  If you do not have an “eye gate” a highway billboard stare that could cause a wreck will become a computer fixation that will destroy relationships.

1.     Be intentional just as scripture commands (not just recommends).  A soldier in battle is not casual with his eyes, rather he is on mission for the betterment of his platoon or squadron.  He is always assessing the danger and in a mindset and physical position to defend or advance his cause.

2.     Be prayerful at all times which doesn’t mean pray out loud like the Pharisees for recognition, rather in a posture of taking thoughts captive and redirecting them to healthy, helpful actions.

3.     Be creative by looking away, redirecting your eyes, focusing on something else with a genuine interest in replacing sexual assault and enticements with scripture truth or a prayer for the special ladies (sister, mother, wife, daughter, friend) in your life. 

This week, gentlemen, we are focusing our eyes on honoring ladies, ourselves and those whom we have influence with in our lives.  By having preset “eye gates” we do not even have to say a word as others will see and feel the genuine love, concern, respect and character we have for committing to a life of integrity.

Camper Corner

Hello MACs, gentlemen, yes I understand often times the ladies in our lives dress and present themselves in a provocative manner.  It’s our culture right?  Well that doesn’t make it right, but we can keep our eyes locked down while thinking “I praise God for His creation.”  Fight it off and step up to honor the WOGs which will make you more attractive!  Hang in there.

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