Healthy Snacking – We Can Do It!


What’s a snack that sounds really good to eat right now? Usually Cheez its hit the top of my list for that question while brocolli and hummus aren’t as close to the top. Check out some helpful tips from our camp staff for healthy snacking…

I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive. 1 Corinthians 10:23

We are in the thick of summer living.  With that comes different schedules…sometimes a lack of schedule.  A lot of times it means – fun!  Health might not be on the forefront of your mind as you are wrangling kids more often than during the school year.  Quick. Easy.  Yummy. That’s what wins with our family too often!

I surveyed our full time camp staff to find out how everyone works to snack healthily.  The honest to goodness truth I received back is that none of us are hard-core on the health part.  We know how, but we don’t always walk the straight & narrow so-to-speak. 

Nonetheless, when considering what is beneficial to our bodies…not just what is permissible…here are some guidelines: (Remember the following information is from real people, with real cravings, and real lives…these are not taken from actors or health professionals!):

Methods to snack healthy:

  • Don’t buy junk food, only buy healthy food/snacks. (If all we’ve got in the fridge are apples, that’s what me and kids will eat if hungry enough) 
  • Let “Nana” make goodies for special occasions and just because she’s the Nana sometimes!
  • Only have one helping of food, no seconds.
  • We do not eat dessert at home, except for on very special occasions. 
  • Stock our pantries with healthier choices … we usually eat what’s in arm’s reach. 
  • Eat dinner as early as possible

Snack ideas:

  • Watermelon, sliced apples with Nutella, kettle corn, carrots
  • Granola Bars (check ingredients to avoid too much sugar)
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • 100 days of Real Food…easy recipes for making healthier things.
  • After school snacks: apples, oranges, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers…whatever is in season at good prices.  Wheat thins, Triscuits, whole grain Gold fish or pretzels are the only processed snacks our kids get.  We also eat yogurt and applesauce on occasion, or the fruit cups in fruit juice (not syrup).
  • Reese’s puffs cereal (they are from heaven, therefore healthy)…um, not sure this really makes the cut!
  • Carrots with hummus
  • Baked chips with guac
  • Dark chocolate
  • My kids love peanut butter balls (5 ingredients of 1C oats, powdered milk, peanut butter, and cereal, then ¾ C honey mix, roll into balls, can refrigerate, but not a must).
  • Set out cut up fruit/veggies during those times when everyone is hovering around the kitchen.
  • For summer time it’s anything healthy but frozen … frozen bananas, blueberries, juice in ice trays, pickle juice (yes, pickle juice)
  • Half an avocado and pour salsa in the hole where the seed was – so yummy! 

When we cash in on the discipline available to us through the Holy Spirit and remember to eat what is beneficial to us, not just permissible, we can snack to our heart’s content!