How Can Parents Help Kids Manage Stress and Anxiety?


The bad news: statistics say 77% of us currently have stress related health issues at this very moment, with 33% of us living in extreme stress. More bad news: it seems as though our children are feeding off of it. Thankfully Kyle points us to good news in scripture reminding us how to curb this epidemic.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

Stats say nearly one third of kids are now suffering from stress related issues as well.  If reading that, or if something else on your mind right now is causing you stress or anxiety, relax, breathe, and know help is available! The good news: Managing our stress and anxiety and helping our kids do the same, may not be as hard as we might think!  The answer is simple! Maybe not always easy, but simple.

Paul gives us three simple steps from Philippians 4 to help us out!

  1. A command and alternative! In Philippians 4:6, Paul commands us, “Do not be anxious…”! He even includes what not to be anxious about…ANYTHING! That includes whatever you were thinking about last night, 2 minutes ago, or at this very moment! As a bonus, if a command from the Bible telling us what not to do isn’t enough, we’re then given an alternative of what to do! In EVERY situation (also includes your situation), we are to pray!! So give up the anxiety and unease, and pray! Simply bring it up in conversation to God.
  2. Repeat, and again! Instead of worrying, we should… 1. Pray (talk with God and listen to Him) 2. petition (ask for help) and 3. present our requests to God (say what we’d like)! Did you get that?! Read Philippians 4:6 again and count how many times Paul tells us to pray instead of worry. If we as parents say something three times to our kids, it is probably important, right? In the same way, when there is repetition in scripture, it is rather important. So let’s pray, pray, pray people! Paul even gives us one more helpful detail since we’ll be praying so much. Pray with thanksgiving. Easy? Maybe not. Simple? Yes.
  3. The Answer/Reward! We have been told what not to do, what to do, and even how to do so. The details are there, our excuses can be laid aside. If we are willing to do so, we are promised something incredible! We are given the reward of peace transcending all understanding! We are promised a peace that will guard our hearts and minds, and when we get that, our kids will see and follow. Will you make this choice for you and your children today?

Stress is growing and it hurts us and our kids, but with three simple steps from scripture we can nix this problem and shine brightly in a world full of anxiety! So instead of worrying today, stop and talk to God, ask for His help, and thank Him for anything and everything you can!

Camper Corner:

Do you worry about things that might happen or might NOT happening your life? What does the Bible say we should do instead of worrying?

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