How can we Help Kids Memorize Scripture?


We want our children to make great decisions when we’re not around. One way to do that is to help them hide God’s Word in their hearts. Kyle reminds us why we should and tells us how we can do just that.

I have hidden your word in my heart
that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11

As we dig into God’s Word we find that having His Word close, bound to us, tied around our neck, and with us is life giving (Deut 6:4-9, and 11:18). Memorizing scripture can be a fun, rewarding activity for both you and your children!

Let’s take a look at how we can keep our kids heading in the right direction by memorizing scripture!

  1. Worth It! Let’s be honest…memorizing scripture can be difficult! For some of us, just the thought of it stresses us out! We all know memorization of scripture is good for us. Fact is, memorizing is not easy. It takes time and effort, but as the Word tells us (2Tim. 3:16, Psalm 119:9, etc.), it is worth it! So before we ask our kids to start, let’s step up to the plate as parents, and make a commitment to do what may be hard, but also do what we know is rewarding for them and us! Hint: you doing this with your kiddos is HUGE!
  2. Do what works! We all learn in different ways and at different rates. And just like in school, finding what works best for you and your family is key to being successful in this area. Memorizing a word a day, writing it down, downloading an app, saying it verbally, having someone else read it, the options are endless! The way you and your spouse do this may not work for your kids (or maybe it will), but know that we all can learn scripture, it just may take some trial and error.  Use your resources here! Sure this generation is crazy with all of its technology, but technology isn’t all bad! Use Google or your favorite web browser and see what ideas you can find to help your family start memorizing verses this week! Does using mealtime work well for your family? Rewards? Cooooooompetition(competition, competition, That’s Right!!)? Do some research, try out some ideas, and see how you can start benefiting today!
  3. Don’t Waste Fun! Difficult, does not have to equal boring! Here at T Bar M, you all know the number one rule of camp – Don’t Waste Fun!!! Memorizing scripture is no different than any other tough aspect of life, it is what you make it. So let’s choose to make this something fun  our children want to do with us! There are so many creative, fun, and effective ways to learn scripture! Check out this article or this one to get started.

Hiding God’s Word in our heart is definitely God-approved and is a win for you, your family, and anyone you know. So quit contemplating and start memorizing today!

Camper Corner:

Do you think knowing God’s Word is important? God gave us His Word to guide us and help us in everything we do. What is one step you can take to start memorizing some of His book today?

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