How to Engage the Culture with Biblical Truth


Answers to grey area questions might come more easily to some than others. One thing is for sure…when our worldview is established in biblical truth God can use us to influence the culture around us for His Kingdom. Randi Beth gets us straight to the truth!

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.  Romans 12:2

You and I live in a fallen world. How should we, as Christians, respond to the fallen culture around us, especially when issues aren’t always black or white?  

Can I attend the wedding of my homosexual friends?  At what point have I fought long and hard enough for my failing marriage? How should I vote and who should I vote for as a Christian? My purpose today is not to debate these questions. Some might see the answers clearly while others waiver. We can all agree that the answers are muddied by culture.

When you and I have a Christian worldview firmly established in Biblical truth, God can use us to influence the culture around us for His Kingdom.

  1. Believe God’s Word is true. God’s revealed Word on the subject, not our opinions, is what is important. God has given us the entirety of Scripture to shape our worldview. The Bible is the inspired Word of God, infallible and without error. It makes this claim in 2 Timothy 3:16 plus hundreds of other passages. For further affirmation, John MacArthur provides an exhaustive argument as to why Scripture can be trusted. God’s Word is described as a “lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Let’s use God’s Word to shine light into the cultural “grey areas” around us, helping to make them not so grey.
  2. Renew your mind. What we think about ourselves, God, our families, and the universe shape our worldview. In order to maintain a true and accurate perspective, we must ensure we have a proper understanding of the character of God, His Son, and who we are in Christ. By being transformed through the renewing of our minds (see the introductory verse), we are able to transcend culture, which is never constant, into Christ-likeness, who is always constant– the same yesterday, today and forever.
  3. Trust in God’s goodness. There is no shortcut to finding the answer to tough cultural issues. Through well-meaning attempts to love our neighbor, sometimes we find justification for actions in light of contradictory evidence in scripture. Because God’s word is true, and profitable for teaching and rebuking, we must challenge our own perspective on the situation.

Take for example the 1st commandment: “You shall have no other gods before me.” To some, this might sound demanding, judgmental, and selfish. But what if we understand it in light of God’s goodness and mercy? God created the world and all that exists within it. Perhaps He knows if He is not the center of it, OUR life spins out of control!

This changes our perspective doesn’t it? Suddenly the command is good for us, not something that cheats us out of happiness and prosperity. We can apply this same logic to the important questions around us – understand the heart of the matter by viewing it in light of God’s goodness.

As Christians, we can reflect our culture or redirect it. Our hope is secure because God is sovereign and His Word is Truth. Armed with that confidence, we can face the current cultural climate with clarity and courage, as God uses us to bring restoration and truth to the world around us.

Camper Corner:

Campers, here’s a question to discuss with your parents: why is it important to seek God’s will on an issue through His Word rather than relying on your own opinion or the opinion of those around you?


Two voices on biblical truth in our culture we are happy to recommend:

The Denison Forum – engaging the issues of the day with Biblical truth

The Colson Center – sound Christian worldview thinking applied to the key issues of the day

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