Life Lessons from the Three Little Pigs


If the Big Bad Wolf comes huffing and puffing in your home, what will remain? Kelli reminds us how to build, not a house, but a home that will withstand.


By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Proverbs 24:3-4

The three little pigs taught us all a valuable lesson:  take time and thought into building your home.  The homes made of straw and sticks didn’t weather too well when the big bad wolf decides to “huff and puff and blooooow your house down”.  But the home built wisely made it to the end of the story.  

We can spend a ton of time picking out the right stones and window treatments for our houses, but it is our homes we need to wisely build for our families. 

Providing a place of support and love our family can retreat and find refuge in is important.  Let’s take a look at Home Building 101:

1.    Build with Wisdom.  Chuck Swindoll says, “Wisdom essentially means “seeing with discernment.” It’s the idea of seeing the broad picture of something. When we choose to look at the broad picture rather than the petty details, we build a strong foundation.”   When we keep our minds, and more importantly our hearts, on providing support and love for those in our family, we will see the daily details become smaller and smaller and our long range vision more clear.

2.    Establish with Understanding.  What if we took time to understand, listen and process the fears and frustrations that come in the front door of our homes?   When we seek to understand what is causing an attitude or a celebration, we can better establish a home where it is safe to share about our days and what filled them.

3.   Fill it with Knowledge.  Let’s not strive to our house with more THINGS that will not last.  The joy that the soon-to-be-broken-hoverboard brings will never have the longevity of the rich knowledge only a loving and intentional parent shares. What kind of knowledge?  Knowledge that the Lord loves them.  Knowledge that walks them through all the uncertain days and feelings outside the door.  Knowledge that can only come from God.

I imagine that third pig was extremely relieved when his house remained standing after seeing his friends’ houses crumble around them, leaving them totally exposed to the world.   Isn’t it the same with each of us and our children?   They jump in the car, walk in the door, crawl into bed after a day of being totally exposed to the world.   It is a joy and honor (and some selfless work no doubt!) to provide  homes for our families that bring a deep sigh of relief when the walls of support and love remain standing.

Camper Corner:

What is your favorite part about coming home at the end of the day? When does your family have the best conversations? What is one thing that you can change to show more love for your family?

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