Love Well…All of ‘Em!


Ever been scared to talk to someone who you are certain doesn’t follow Jesus, or certainly doesn’t “look like” they follow him? Us too. Why do we get that way? Kelli breaks down ways we can have a simple conversation to get to know a person beyond our stereotype.

Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Matthew 9:37

The guy at the yogurt shop had a very long and straggly goatee and an abundance of tattoos.  He wasn’t your normal “all-American kid”.  But that didn’t stop Jaw-knee-Polk from talking to him. Johnny asked him about his tattoos and what advice he would give kids about tattoos.  It led to a great conversation about the cross tattoo he had and much more.  As they were departing, the young guy looked at Johnny and said, “Thanks for talking to me.  Not many people will even give me the time of day.”  

In that moment, Johnny chose to be a “worker” … to harvest someone that didn’t look “normal”.  Non-Christians can look as different as this guy or as “normal” as your very own mom.  And they all have one thing in common … an opportunity to be known.

1.  Ask their name.  Whether it is the clerk at the store, your next door neighbor or the homeless guy on the street, everyone has a name.  There is a simple honor you can give someone by knowing and using their name. 

2.  Ask their story.  What does that tattoo mean to you?  Where did you move here from?  Tell me about your family?  What led you to be Muslim?  When did you decide to live a homosexual lifestyle?  The questions can be easy or uncomfortable.  But, when you ask someone about them … they feel important and you can get to know them in a way that helps you know how to befriend them better and ultimately share Christ with them.   

3.  Ask what you can do next.   If this new found non-Christian friend is in need, ask them how you can serve them.  If you don’t see an immediate need, ask the Lord how you can be their friend or serve them.  He is really creative in the “what nexts”!

It is a natural feeling to shy away from those not like us … in this case, those that don’t know the Lord.  However, it is a great feeling when we don’t shy away from knowing them.  Our lives are richer when we reach out … and their lives are too as they are introduced to Jesus through YOU!

Camper Corner  

Who is in your life that doesn’t know Jesus?  Mentally walk through your day and your town … you’ll be amazed at how many folks we need to get to know better.  Take time to write down FIVE people not following Jesus and think of a question you can ask each of them to get to know them better.