What Defines You?


So many voices compete for our attention…even more so the attention of our kids! How can they know who they really are? Who they’re meant to be? Kelli reminds us simply and practically as to what defines us…God’s Truth!
May’s Topic Theme: “The God Life”


For the word of the Lord is right and true; He is faithful in all He does. Psalms 33:4  

By 8:30 in the morning, I have dodged a few eye rolls from kids, rebounded a gripe (or two) about breakfast, ignored the gray hair and dark circles that have moved in for good and whisked away the thoughts of my impact on this world.  

If I let my circumstances define me, I would be a walking, talking beat down, worthless, old lady … or I would be back in bed by 8:35. And reality is … those circumstances will change several times throughout the day.  

The good news we must remember is:  Our circumstances do NOT define us, God’s good and wonderful, true Word does.  Phew!

  1. Know God’s Truths well.  All of God’s Word is true.  Rest in that.  And He does a mighty fine job giving us promises and keeping them simple and easy to remember.  DIG into God’s word and learn them.  The world-wide web and references in the back of our Bibles make it easy to find lists of His true promises to us.  Let’s write them on mirrors and breathe them as short prayers.  Know them … they will be so very useful when those life-altering and even daily circumstances try to define us.
  2. Watch your circumstances carefully.  The BIG shifts in circumstances, like death or job loss or significant sin, are easily recognizable and even easier to demonstrate our need to cling to our Savior.  And He is here for us…with promises lasting until the end of time.   The smaller changing circumstances are the sneaky ones. We have to notice with a keen eye so they don’t slowly begin changing us (good friends sharing life with us can help us recognize these smaller changes).
  3. Speak Truth out loud.  When a circumstance begins to change our heart or mind into perceived truths, and we know it’s a lie … say it out loud.  We cannot let that lie take up residence in your or my heart.  Let’s speak it out loud and fill that place with His truths, with His promises. 

It is hard to think of ONE thing that does not change.  Eventually even statues, who never budge, change color or lose a toe.  Everything is changing around us.  Everything, except God and His promises:  He even says it himself, “I the Lord, do not change”. (Malachi 3:6).

Camper Corner:

Let’s quiz each other … and in the end, you will have some AMAZING truths to define you!   Look them up and memorize them as a family.  (answers at the bottom)

1.  I can’t figure it out                                    a. I will give you wisdom.  I Corinthians 1:30

2. I’m too tired.                                             b.  You can do all things through Christ.  Phil 4:13

3. It’s Impossible                                           c.  I am able.  2 Corinthians 9:8

4. Nobody Loves Me.                                     d. I have not given you fear. 2 timothy 1:7

5. I can’t forgive myself.                               e. It will be worth it.  Romans 8:28

6. It’s not worth it                                         f. I love you.  John 3:16.

7. I’m not smart enough                               g.I will direct your steps.  Proverbs 3:5-6.

8. I’m not able.                                             h. All things are possible.  Luke 18:27

9. I can’t do it.                                             i. I forgive you. Romans 8:1

10. I’m afraid.                                              j.  I will never leave you. Hebrews 13:5

11. I feel all alone.                                       k.  I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28-30

(1G, 2K, 3H, 4F,5I, 6E, 7A, 8C, 9B, 10D, 11J)

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