Work Like Ants!


Ever watched a colony of ants at work? Maybe you can picture that person or group of people who “work like ants.” What a compliment! Check out what Cole says we can learn from ANTS.

Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.  Proverbs 6:6-8

As I am sitting here I think about our schedule for the day…two of my kids are working on homework, one is girding his shin guards for soccer, and another is getting his cleats on for flag football practice.  In all these things I want them to put out great effort and do their best so like every good parent I toss out the clichés: “Buckle down, apply yourself, WORK HARD!”

 We hear these words all the time.  In fact, sometimes I wonder if we hear them so much they have lost some of their effectiveness.  In a world of instant gratification and shortcuts the art of putting out great effort has gone to the wayside.  I love how the Bible uses real life to communicate great Truth…Truth that even my elementary school boys can relate to.  Check this out: (taken from the The Maxwell Leadership Bible by John C. Maxwell

ANTS!  Seriously are we really able to learn from these little red pincher workers?  One of the smallest of God’s creatures can be one of His greatest teachers…check out these lessons from the ANTS!

A – Attitude of Initiative

            Ants don’t need a commander to tell them to get started.  If you see a need and can fill that need then go for it!  The hardest part about hard work is getting started…jump in with both feet! 

N – Nature of Integrity

            Ants work faithfully and need no outside accountability to keep them doing right.  Integrity is a personal choice that each of us get to make…will you choose to do what’s right? 

T – Thirst for Industry

            Ants work hard and will replace their anthill when it gets ruined.  Seeing hiccups and problems as opportunities is one sure way to get your motor started and to keep you running hard after your goals!

S – Source of Insight

            Ants store provisions in summer.  Even when times are easy we are called to run this race of life with all of our might.  Never are we called to sit back on our laurels and watch life go by.  If things are smooth now, build up your store houses for later…or better yet go help a neighbor!

We have been blessed with so many different giftings and strengths the Lord wants us to use for His glory!  Don’t waste those.  Let’s be willing to GO HARD in all we do! 

Camper Corner:

God tells us that no matter what our age, He has equipped us and calls us to do HARD WORK for Him!  We weren’t made to “just get by” or to only do the minimum in things.  What things can you choose to do well today?

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