bonafide 2020

First Half Overview

Taking a look at what the Lord has done.

In so many ways, we’re experiencing a one of a kind summer at camp. Sure, some things look a little different, but in the first weeks of this exceptional summer, we’ve experienced the heart of camp beat stronger than ever! Campers have been liberated to play and laugh and connect with God and each other. Fun is squeezed for every ounce it can be enjoyed, and the reality of God’s BONAFIDE truth is sinking in to hearts and changing lives. And to that, we say, “Yippee! Yahoo! Way to go, God!” Here’s a sneak peak of the un-wasted fun we’ve had…

First half of Day Camp, Sports Camp, Camp Travis:

  • 160 campers trusted Jesus for the first time
  • 324 campers re-dedicated their lives to Christ
  • 403 campers wanting help reading the Word


“Thank you for your hard work during the pandemic and your commitment to have camp this summer.”

-camp mom

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Watch camp in ACTION! Here’s a great week highlight from Day Camp in New Braunfels.

camp travis

“Pretty much the highlight of the summer #tbarmcamptravis” – @k_simms25 via Instagram

sports camp

“Praising God camp was able to happen! #tbarmcamps #bonafide” – Sports Camp mom via Facebook
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