Full Send 2022

First Half Overview

Take a look at what the Lord has done.


T Bar M’s gates are bursting with campers and the Lord is working in powerful ways. We have seen campers facing fears on zip lines, tasting victory in daily competitions, and most importantly, going all in following Jesus. In a world full of distractions and many demanding expectations, T Bar M is a place where campers simply get to experience the grace of God and feel freedom to grow and connect.

Our Savior gave it all and as His followers, we will do no less. Full-throttle. 100% commitment. FULL SEND.

First half of Day Camp, Discover Camp, Base Camp, and Camp Travis:


“T Bar M is such an amazing place. I’ve learned so much in so many ways. I’ve grown more courageous and I’ve grown in my walk with Jesus. There are so many amazing people and everyone is so kind, it’s like having another family. T Bar M is so fun and I’m so glad I came.”

-T Bar M Camper, Jessie

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T Bar M Base Camp Highlights

Hear what families are saying about T Bar M Family Camp this summer!

T Bar M Discover Camp Highlights

T Bar M Day Camp

Watch camp in ACTION! Here’s a great week highlight from Day Camp in New Braunfels.

T Bar M Camp Travis Highlights

Remove & Replace

One of the things that contributes to the greatness of Camp is the removal of devices from our lives for a week. The crazy thing is – once campers go a day or two without them, they realize they can live every day without them! So here is a challenge we laid out for them.

Commit to a 40 day “fast” from all devices/social media. And then replace that with getting into the Bible those same 40 days, which will hopefully foster connections with those relationships that really matter.

A Glimpse into Teaching Time

We have the theme song stuck in our heads…

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Check out this Gospel presentation video to see more of what your camper learned this summer!
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