The heart behind our Camp store


T Bar M Camp Store has heart ... and great gifts!

We are excited to announce we have a new team in the Camp Store. They are not new to T Bar M! Sarah has been serving at T Bar M since 2013, starting as a coach and then joining full time staff. Megan served on our Day Camp team and has just recently come back to join our full time staff.

The joy that comes in the logistics of running the Camp Store is found as they provide products to help people remember what God did in their hearts while at T Bar M! We all know that to be true. You throw on your favorite hat or t-shirt and think of the place where you laughed so hard it was healing or met with Jesus in a way that you can’t forget. You kick back in your Eno hammock or Crazy Creek and think about sitting still at a place where your heart finds respite. These “things” bring us back to an eternal moment.  

While you are beginning (or maybe wrapping up) your shopping for the holidays … we have some goodies that will spark the warmth of summer in the chill of winter to put under your tree. From stocking stuffers to a gift that will cause a pause, our desire is that these items will be a reminder of God’s faithfulness and spark conversations about all the ways you saw God move at T Bar M.

Check out the T Bar M Camp Store here.