How Can We Remind Kids of Their True Worth?

Hey Camp Family!

Where is our worth really found? Where do we look for our worth instead?


Psalm 119:13

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


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Where do you find your worth? Be honest with yourself. It’s probably not what you would want to admit. I pilfered through multiple articles online highlighting the categories in which most people find their self-worth. Those categories were eerily similar from article to article. Amongst those listed are appearance, wealth, popularity (social media following), power, identity within profession, status of relationships, and comparison of self in relation to others. Any of those sound familiar to you? Because they certainly did to me. I’ve used each one of those categories as a measuring stick of my worth at some point and time in my life and honestly still find myself clinging to many of them.  So if this is how we view our self-worth based upon worldly influence, then what does God have to say about our worth?

Luckily for us there is a stark contrast between the two. He doesn’t care about our appearance or wealth or popularity. Those things are of no value to the King of the Universe. Instead He calls us His children, heirs, friends, and members of his body. He says we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that we are made in his image. As believers we belong to him and have been given the purpose of his workmanship and therefore our worth is completely found in Him and through our love for Him.

So, knowing where our worth is found, how can we reinforce that truth in our families?

  • Application 1: As parents, where is it you falsely find worth? Confess that with a spouse. If you’re a single parent, then confess it with a friend so that another believer can speak truth against those lies.
  • Application 2: Ask you children how they think they can best love God? (Great teachable opportunity) And how can they best love others?
  • Application 3: Consistently encourage them in a way that is not worldy. Encourage them in the way they choose to love God and remind them of how he loves us and what he says about our worth. Even write notes that they may carry those encouragements with them over time.

I hope that these practices will bless your family. Thanks for listening.

  • What part of your weekly routine reminds you of your true worth?  What part tries to tell you otherwise?
  • When and how can you encourage your kids this week about what God really thinks of them?

Camper Corner
  • Information you take in regularly determines information you think about regularly.  How will you take in truth today?
  • How will you take in truth on a regular basis? (This means reading your Bible!) Check out the Bible App – You Version to find a reading plan!

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