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Below you’ll find all the information you’ll need to get you and your child ready for an awesome weekend retreat!

Where to go
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What to fill out
Health Screening Form



COVID-19 adjustments

Our goal is to stop COVID-19 BEFORE it starts at camp. To do that, we are partnering with YOU, the parents! The information below will give you insight to adjustments made to help make your weekend a healthy and safe environment for everyone.


Medical Screening

Health Screening Form

We are asking all families to participate in a 14-day increased social distancing and a 7-day temperature check BEFORE your weekend begins. Every family will be asked to complete a Health Screening form showing they have met these requirements.

Upon arrival, the state requires our staff to conduct an onsite Health Screening and temperature check in addition to the completed Health Screening Form. You will also be asked if any family member has been tested for COVID-19 within those 7 days or been exposed to anyone with a positive test.

If you have any questions about this, please email [email protected].

What does practicing good social distancing look like?

By practicing good social distancing, we mean avoiding large crowds/gatherings and limiting unnecessary travel. When unable to social distance, we ask families to wear a face mask per CDC recommendations.

Face Masks

All participants and staff will be required to wear face coverings when social distancing is not possible on our property. This is a mandate by the Texas government. Although this is not ideal, it will not keep us from having fun!

Although we need to wear face coverings, there are times where masks are NOT required to be worn:

• while actively eating or drinking in the dining halls or on breaks
• outdoor activities where we can control physical distancing of 6 feet apart
• engaged in swimming activities
• while brushing teeth, showering and sleeping in cabins
• if a person has a medical condition or a disability where a mask is not able to be safely worn

Family Groups

Once families are medically cleared to enter camp, families will be divided into larger FAMILY GROUPS (the state calls them “cohorts”), identified by colored wristbands. During large group gatherings, families will be required to stay within their family groups. Family groups allow us to quickly and methodically contain and/or limit the potential exposure of COVID-19 among staff and guests. Our programming will make it easy for you and your family to stick with your FAMILY GROUP while still having an awesome weekend retreat with your child.

Programming Changes

Even though families are medically cleared before coming to camp, you will still notice some adjustments in our programming.

First, no off-property excursions: Once you and your child have passed your health screening, we ask that you do not leave our property. If you need anything, please let us know and we can help you. One of the keys to preventing an outbreak at a weekend retreat is keeping our guests “quarantined together” which also means not allowing outside guests to visit our families while a retreat is in session. We look forward to lifting these restrictions next year!

Secondly, added margin for keeping things clean: Who says good hygiene has to be boring! We have built into our schedule plenty of time to make sure good healthy practices are followed before, during and after every activity.

Last, theme night fun: Themed nights are sure to make the memory books while also allowing good social distancing between family groups. Despite these adjustments, these nights are going to be a BLAST! Be sure to check out the packing list to see if you want to pack a few extra items!

If you want more information and details about camp-life at T Bar M, check this page: COVID-19 Response

Opening Day

Let’s have some fun!

Opening Day may look a little different because of the virus, but COVID-19 won’t stop us from having fun!

Show everyone on the road how excited, dare we say…FUAGNEM you are about coming to camp by decorating your car for your trip to New Braunfels! Write on the windows, tie on streamers, show some creativity (and safety, of course!) on your vehicle. Is this a competition? You bet it is! The family with the best decorated car will win $50 credit at the camp store!

Arrival Time: 4:00 – 5:00pm

What to expect when you arrive

Please arrive wearing a mask. When you pull into our property, staff will be on the perimeter road guiding you through the check-in stations.

  • Medical Station: Please have your Health Screening Form ready to turn in. Our staff will take each of your family member’s temperature and will ask a quick series of Health Screening Questions will be asked. (see “COVID-19 Adjustments” above for more info)
  • Family Group Bands: Your family will been assigned to a Color Group within camp. Each family member will be given a colored band which will be worn throughout the week.
  • Official Welcome: Meet your family’s Coach and receive your Family Camp Packet with your room keys and schedules and other information you need about the week. Your Coach will be happy to help you unload the car or play with the kids while you get settled in.

Family Camp Speaker

Adam Tarnow
We are excited to have Adam return to speak at Family Camp. We can’t wait for you to meet him and his family.
Adam worked as a CPA for about a decade before joining Watermark Community Church’s ministry staff where he worked for over ten years. This past spring, Adam resigned from Watermark and started his own consulting business (focused on communication, leadership development, team building, and executive coaching).
Adam and his wife Jackie have been married for sixteen years and have two sons Jake and Joshua. The Tarnows love sports and have a set a goal to see every MLB park! Adam and his family love family camp (especially the coaches!) and the lifelong connections and it provides. Their family talks about their camp experiences for the rest of the year!