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Take a sneak peek at the summer theme, download the summer theme song and print off a packing list to make sure you pack everything you need.

First thing you need to know is the summer theme. We will announce summer 2020 theme January 1st, but until then, enjoy reminiscing about summer 2019 or if you are new to camp, check out last summer’s theme to give you an idea of what everyone is talking about.

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2019 Summer Theme: Fired Up!

From creation God has placed in men and women the innate desire to hope. Here’s the problem, we consistently place our hope in the wrong things. We find ourselves putting our hope in people, things, movements or dreams. The happiness only lasts for a moment, because lasting joy needs an eternal root. Paul reminds us here that we can have joy when we place our hope in Jesus. In Philippians Paul reminds them where their source of joy should be: Jesus, the risen savior of the world. No matter what we face, we can be Fired Up that Jesus rescued us from our sin!

At camp we say we are FUAGNEM – Fired Up And Going Nuts Every Minute. This begs the question why are we “Fired Up”? Is it because camp is so fun? NO! (Although it is very fun to be at camp) We are Fired Up because of Jesus: who He is, what He did and what He will do. Every minute, no matter what, no matter how difficult, we choose Jesus. He is hope worth “going nuts” about! This summer, we rejoice IN THE LORD by proclaiming we are Fired Up!

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What is a Coach?

Coaches are the heart and soul of what happens at camp. A Coach builds relationships with campers, leading them in games, activities, and Bible Studies. Most importantly, a coach models what it looks like to follow Jesus Christ.

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