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Yes, Jesus loves me. We don’t just say it, we know it! It’s a ____ fact. But how do we know that’s true?

How do we know what makes anything true?

Jesus says in John 8:31-32, “if you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

You heard it right there, straight from the mouth of the one and only Son of God. We know what is true when we know what His word (the bible) says. Jesus stamps his word with a ____ seal of approval. A certification that says His word is legit, real and true.


see what He has done

summer 2020 impact report

“Camp CAN Open!”

Never have these words been so wonderful to hear! By God’s grace, we saw many campers – and their parents – respond with overwhelming enthusiasm over coming to camp.

  • 3,389 campers this summer
  • 489 (14%) received some financial assistance
  • 378 campers trusted Jesus for the first time
  • 887 campers re-dedicated their lives to Christ
  • 1074 campers wanting help reading the Word
  • 1427 (42%) campers committed to read daily

Read our 2020 Summer Impact Report and see what the Lord did at T Bar M!


2020 summer impact report



see what He has done

summer 2020 recaps

  • Summer 2020

    Taking a look at what the Lord has done. “This year, due to Covid, I wasn’t sure how much my child would enjoy it. He got in the car [after camp] SO excited… This year was something like we’ve never experienced, and we are truly grateful camp even occurred.” -Camp Travis Parent Watch our end...

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    Nearly full
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  • First Half Overview 2020

    Taking a look at what the Lord has done. “Thank you for your hard work during the pandemic and your commitment to have camp this summer.” -camp mom What you’re saying on social media. We have the theme song stuck in our head! Make sure to tag us @tbarmcampstx! Watch camp in ACTION! Here’s a...

    8 $550
    Nearly full
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