sports specialty

dreaming in color

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” -Albert Einstein

We’re excited to announce our new Art specialty! This is going to be a great time for your camper who loves to be creative and has a passion for expressing their imagination down on paper. Art is available for both boys and girls and will cost $30 extra to your regular registration price.

Here’s what we will be offering during the week:

  • Drawing
  • Clay sculpting
  • Block-puzzle painting
  • Water coloring
  • Crayon melting project


A T Bar M Sports Journal is given to each child to help remind them what they have accomplished throughout the week. Campers write daily in their Sports Journals to reinforce learning. Sports Journals include:

  • Mission Statement
  • Word of the day / Bible verse
  • Note section for personal takeaways
  • Note section for Think Twice
  • F.I.T. (Focused in Truth) evaluation
  • A written note of encouragement from their Coach