God writes amazing stories


Read this great story from camper Cruz.

“Gospel night hit me hard… I learned that man sins, and we need Jesus to guide us and we’re going to be ‘up there’ (looking up at the sky) one day. I feel like God’s calling me right now, and so I made the decision to follow him. I pulled my coach aside and asked him if I could get baptized here at camp. So, here we are. I’ll miss my coaches, Reid, Sam and Jared the most… they’re really fun to have around.”

Cruz – Rising Star, First year Camper

Now we want your story!

How has T Bar M impacted your life? Did you attend as a camper? How long have you been coming to camp? Maybe you’re a summer staff member! How did you hear about T Bar M? Do you have a fun memory or story you like to share with your friends about T Bar M?

However you’ve experienced T Bar M, we want to hear your story.


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