Lisa Perry

Camp Registrar

1. Where are you from?

Houston, Texas

2. Alpha or Omega?


3. What’s your favorite local New Braunfels place to eat?

Huisache Grill

4. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Some of the best advice I’ve gotten is not to take on anyone else’s offenses, and that I don’t have a right to stay offended at anyone so forgive! Also, “Love God, Love others!” This scripture is has been the covering over everything my family does!

5. What’s the most inspiring thing about your job?

I have been truly inspired by the generous giving of so many families into our scholarship funds, and I get to see glimpses of the great impact that scholarships can make. I love knowing God knows exactly which kids and families will come through our gates, He has a plan for each of them, and that we get to be a part of their journey!

Email: [email protected]