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Summer 2020 Overview

Taking a look at what the Lord has done.


GLORY TO GOD, Camp happened this summer! By God’s favor and protection and goodness, camp happened. It happened across sports fields, amidst tree tops, on the lake, in cabins, and among God’s people. Relationships formed, Truth was illuminated and lives were rescued for eternity. We couldn’t be more grateful ALL the ways He has provided, and for the support and patience and confidence of our camp families. Let us praise Him!

2020 Summer of Day Camp, Sports Camp, Camp Travis:

  • 360 campers trusted Jesus for the first time
  • 887 campers re-dedicated their lives to Christ
  • 1074 campers wanting help reading the Word

“This year, due to Covid, I wasn’t sure how much my child would enjoy it. He got in the car
[after camp] SO excited… This year was something like we’ve never experienced, and we are truly grateful camp even occurred.” -Camp Travis Parent

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summer 2020 impact report

“Camp CAN Open!”

Never have these words been so wonderful to hear! By God’s grace, we saw many campers – and their parents – respond with overwhelming enthusiasm over coming to camp.

  • 3,389 campers this summer
  • 489 (14%) received some financial assistance
  • 378 campers trusted Jesus for the first time
  • 887 campers re-dedicated their lives to Christ
  • 1074 campers wanting help reading the Word
  • 1427 (42%) campers committed to read daily

Read our 2020 Summer Impact Report and see what the Lord did at T Bar M!


2020 summer impact report



camp travis second half

“Little bit of a different experience this year at camp given everything going on but I have come to learn that God moves in mysterious ways and this might have been the most spiritually deepening week of my life.” -Austin Comte (@acomte12) Camp Travis Camper via Instagram

sports camp second half

“The week they’ve been waiting for since last summer!!! We are SO GRATEFUL that camp is happening for them this week!!! They were all so excited and ready! Praying for an awesome week for each of them!” – Haley Birkelbach, Sport Camp Mom, via Instagram

day camp second half

“What an amzing week at T Bar M Camp! [Our son] loved every second of it and begged to go back next year! I am so thankful to have an amazing, Christ-centered camp in our backyard. Plus attending with dear friends from our local church means that these boys will grow up together, learn about Christ together, and I pray encourage and challenge one another to become more like Christ throughout their childhood.” -Stephanie Flora, Day Camp Mom, Via Instagram

family camp highlights

Load up the car and join us for a family vacation you’ll remember for a lifetime!

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