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Best. Summer. Ever!

Don't waste a summer on coffee runs & grunt work. Camp is where you GET to build your resume and meet your best friends.

Summer camp isn't for everyone. You'll fit in if you:


Want to make an impact

You want to impact the lives of young people for the sake of Jesus.

Are serious about fun

Your sandal straps are always ready for adventure mode.


Not afraid of hard work

You agree that sweat is just nature’s glow-up filter.


Ready to ditch the boring internship

You realize how good “Engineered and executed large group engagement initiatives” looks on a resume.


Put Jesus first and kids second

We’re here for one purpose… to teach kids about Jesus! 


Bet you won't want to have the best summer of your life.

At T Bar M Camps, we aim to provide a fun, immersive camp experience where meaningful connections are made to each other, to our campers, and most importantly, to Jesus. We point others to Him and encourage them to go all-out in pursuing the relationship. That’s why we call ourselves camp coaches, not camp counselors.

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