Heading To Panama

We are heading back to the Teribe in North West Panama. This is an area that T Bar M has visited before, but it has been quite some time since we have been there. Our missionary partners in Panama have asked us to come and help the churches in this remote area, by running 4 different kids camps in 4 different cities. We are hoping to meet and run camp for potentially 550 kids in this area.

We need your help! Each Tim Team member will need to raise $2,000 with a total goal of $18,000.









Updates from the Tim Team trip:


January 31, 2023:

Morning update: “Our flight from Houston to Austin was cancelled but they have rebooked and are now arriving in San Antonio! The Team will arrive tonight at 11 p.m.”

Evening update: The team has landed in Houston! One more flight tonight but they’re back in the USA!

January 30, 2023:

Morning update: The team made it to Panama City!

January 29, 2023:

Morning update: We are on the bus and headed back to David, Panama. Everyone is doing great but sad to have to leave our new friends.

Evening update: We have made it to David and are safely in our hotel. Everyone is doing well and looking forward to our celebration dinner tonight with our Panamanian friends.

January 28, 2023:

“We began today by eating breakfast in the village. The community lost an important member of their tribe and out of respect for the funeral today we had a change of plans. We decided to travel to the city to pray and evangelize to the people there. We ate a quick lunch and had to hurry back to play with the kids in the village.

We played games, did skits, and did gospel beads for the kids that afternoon. After playing, we spent some time in the river and relaxed until dinner.  After dinner, we had our service, showed movies and the team shared our testimonies.

Today was a big change of plans but the Lord ordained all of it. Many of us had great conversations and prayers in the city and the Lord clearly led us to who we needed to meet.”

January 27, 2023:

Day 3 was wonderful! We arrived at the final village via a canoe and truck. Once there, we played some games with the kids and performed a skit for them. It was a lot of fun seeing their enthusiasm! We presented the gospel, and a member of our team shared their testimony.

Later in the day, we got a chance to visit some of the homes and share the gospel. We came back and found out that there were showers. Yay! Praise the Lord we aren’t so stinky. We ended the day with our evening program and praised the Lord for what we have seen the Him accomplish.

January 26, 2023:

“Today was a rainy day. As the first of many pouring rains came down, we headed to the river. Due to the rain, it took two trips in the jungle to get everything to the river and ride down stream. After a twenty-minute ride we arrived at a small bank. We then all walked up to the new village school. We put on camp in the school’s classrooms and ate breakfast. We then rested and prepared for our programming with the kids. As the kids arrived, we gathered them up and taught them some new games. We ended the program with a funny skit along with a gospel presentation. After a few hours of rest, we got into groups of three to evangelize from house to house. It was a long trip but was filled with many great conversations. We came back to camp to close out another day with dinner, a movie and worship. It was a long and wet day of joy! -Joe”

January 25, 2023:

“Today was our first full day in the jungle, and when we say the jungle, we mean full blown jungle book level jungle! I’m shocked and amazed by the beauty of this little pocket of the world, hidden away and mostly untouched by man’s development.

Today was a holiday in Panama where the country’s government gives scholarships to families with children in school between certain ages so there were many families and kiddos here this morning despite it being summertime for them! There were plenty of kids at the school who we were able to interact with and play some games. After a few hours of groups games and just play time, we sat everyone who was with us down and we presented the gospel to them through salvation bracelets!

After lunch we had a bit of rest time to recharge but we ended up just playing more games with the kids which was so fun, there may be a language barrier but that doesn’t stop us from having so much fun together. In the afternoon we went around to houses in the village and had the opportunity to have conversations with the locals about their lives and about Jesus. This was the most memorable part of the day for me personally. We were truly in the depth of the jungle, and I was humbled by the beauty and creation of God in this place.

After going around to houses we went down to the river to play and to ‘bathe’ and what a time that was! A group of us washed our hair and just goofed off in the river and enjoyed the simplicity of life in the moment, the highlight of my day. So much has happened already, and we have seen God in so many ways, but there is so much more to come; we are only on our second full day! Stay tuned!!” -Jamie

January 24, 2023:

In simple terms, we made it! Through God’s grace, we made it safely. Spiritually, we’ve transformed. There’s that one saying about the path with Jesus isn’t always obvious. As David Vega lead us through a path, it didn’t look the most inviting. However, it ended up being the most fruitful path. The travel definitely worked our muscles, but our destination is as real as it gets. First thing we did in the evening was have a conversation with God. What is He trying to tell us on this journey? We’ll tell you soon.” – Sarah

The team had an early morning start for their final air travel into David then on a bus journey into the mountains. This afternoon they made it to the river and their headed down in canoes! Let the adventure continue!

January 23, 2023:

The team has landed in Panama! This morning we circled up and prayed for the Timothy Team as they embark on their journey. We’re thanking the Lord for safe flights and for safe travels the rest of the way.

Stay tuned for more updates.


Support our brothers and sisters in Panama by partnering with the local church to use our gifts to serve the Teribe children in Panama.


Where are we going:

We are travelling to minister to the Teribe Indians in Bocas Del Toro Panama.


Rough Itinerary:

Depart San Antonio on Monday, January 23, 2023. Arrive in Panama City and stay for 1 night. Then fly from Panama City to David on January 24. Complete our travel by bus and finally canoe ride. Serve 4 or 5 days and return to Panama City January 29. Spend one day in Panama City and return to home on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

We have 2 travel days on either end of the trip with us spending 4 days in the Teribe. We are planning our daily schedule to look something like this (although things tend to change on trips like this):

  • 7:00 – Breakfast
  • 8:00 – Travel to next village
  • 9:00 – Run camp for kids
  • 12:00 – Lunch
  • 2:30 – Conversations with people in the town – Evangelism
  • 6:00 – Dinner
  • 7:00 – Service at night
  • Sleep and prepare for next day



What we will be doing:

They would like to use our gift of working with children to help the church reach the Teribe people. We will be bringing T Bar M Camps to the kids in Panama! Pray for us as we run a Christ-centered adventure experience to the local community.


What are we fundraising for:

Our money will go towards these key areas:

  • Transportation
  • Translators
  • Follow up funds & Bibles
  • Supplies