What does a normal day look like?

This would change based on your camp and role. But a normal schedule might include something along these lines:
Trail Guide/ First Fruits : Each coach will have a small group of four to five campers that will discuss a Bible lesson each morning.
Cabin Time: Two or three coaches will be responsible for 6-14 campers. You will eat, play, farkle, hang out and talk life together… this is where real relationships happen.
Activity Time: Each coach will assist with instruction and skill development during Activity times.
Theme Nights/Theme Days: Over-the-top theme parties where campers get to dress up and play unique activities as a cabin. Camp transforms into a new world … a military battleground, a giant competition between the Alphas and Omegas, or a country hoe-down; as a Coach, it’s your job to dress up, lead your campers, and help make these epic activities a time your campers won’t soon forget.

How will I be compensated?

T Bar M Camps pays a minimum salary of $200 per week to college students (College Day Camp students start at $180; High School Day Camp students start at $165) with increases according to additional responsibilities and number of years served with T Bar M.
Bottom line: staff could earn anywhere from $1000 to $2100 depending on how many weeks worked and previous camp experience. That’s money in the bank! (because you won’t have much time in the summer to spend it.)

Do I have to interview in person?

We would love to interview in person, but, this is the 21st century, and if we must, we can interview over facetime or skype. (We are a camp, so don’t worry about dressing up for the interview).

Do I get to choose the camp where I will work?

No. While we do take preference into consideration, there are a lot of other things to consider for placement. Believe it or not, God has His way of knowing better than we do! When an applicant is interviewed, they are interviewed for all of T Bar M Camps.

What makes T Bar M unique?

We desire to be a camp and place where people grow in their walk with Jesus, whether it is just starting out or has a long history. We believe this happens most successfully within the context of intentional relationships, first with God and second with others. We require our staff to intentionally pursue the campers under them and we institute a system to intentionally pursue our staff: we call it Covenant Groups. So while you are intentionally pursuing and loving kids, someone is intentionally pursuing and loving you.

What if I have not graduated from High School?

If you are at least 15 years old and have your own accomodations in New Braunfels, you can apply for Day Camp!

Otherwise, apply for one of our Work Crew Programs...

Base Camp Crew (Base Camp, in New Braunfels)
Age: High School Juniors and graduating Seniors
Commitment: 3 – 4 weeks
W.O.G. (Women of God) Work: Prepare, serve and clean in the Chuckwagon (Base Camp’s dining hall)
M.A.C. (Men after Christ) Work:
Physical labor and property care taking
Daily Bible Study and discipleship
Compensation: Meals, room and board plus $125 per week
Solid community to call on in your first year of college.

TRAVIS CREW (Camp Travis, on Lake Travis)
Age: Graduating High School Seniors
Commitment: 3-4 weeks
W.O.G. (Women of God) Work: Prepare, serve and clean in the Rio (Camp Travis’ dining hall)
M.A.C. (Men after Christ) Work: Physical labor and property care taking
Daily Bible Study and discipleship
Compensation: Meals, room and board plus $125 per week
Solid community to call on in your first year of college.

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