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camp perks go far beyond getting paid


What you gain in a summer at T Bar M is gold … perfecting your belly flop skills, gaining epic tan lines, being subject to the paparazzi (all day, every day) and finding best friends for life, all amidst going crazy about Jesus while loving on kids! BUT if you’re concerned about the brass tacks, here’s the scoop:


T Bar M Camps pays a minimum salary of $200 per week to college students (College Day Camp students start at $180; High School Day Camp students start at $165) with increases according to additional responsibilities and number of years served with T Bar M.
Bottom line: staff could earn anywhere from $1000 to $2100 depending on how many weeks worked and previous camp experience. That’s money in the bank! (because you won’t have much time in the summer to spend it.)

Practical Work Experience

Not only will you leave the summer with mad skills like tying ropes knots, toilet plunging and pie eating, but we’ll set you up with some real-world tactics, making you sure to stand out.

FTK (for the kids)
Servant Leadership

The culture at camp keeps us focused on valuing others. Whether its eye contact and a firm hand shake, clearing plates at the dinner table, or offering to go last, being immersed in an others-oriented culture is guaranteed to change the way we walk in the real world, loving our neighbor as ourselves.


We spend a significant amount of time at camp unplugged from our screens. Hence, our talking and resolving and collaborating happens face-to-face. Working closely alongside others, teamwork is essential and conflict is inevitable. We don’t shy away from hard conversations and won’t let you either. Your future employer, spouse, and children will thank us later.

Work Ethic

At camp, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and muscles weary. As we seek to ‘excel still more’, we don’t cut corners or sell a task short. Instead, in whatever we do, we work with all our hearts, as if working for the Lord and not for man (Colossians 3:23). This skillset honors God, values others and stands out in our society today.

College Credit and Internships

Because of the level and amount of hands-on experience, many of our summer staff gain college credit working their summer at camp. Better yet, if you are looking for an internship, many students learn their work in the summer can count towards an internship by accomplishing additional assignments or reports. We are willing to work with you and any college or program to achieve your academic goals!

what coaches need to know

For everything you need to know about our Coaching positions, check out these pages.

Meals & Housing

Meals and housing vary from camp to camp, but whether it’s the good home-cooking our Discover252 staff are spoiled with or the real camp feel in our screened-in cabins out at Camp Travis, we will make sure you’re taken care of!


Housing: host homes provided by church (a travel camp perk!)
Meals: provided – host-home-choice; often in the form of steak dinners (we aren’t kidding!)

Day Camp

Housing: not provided
Meals: lunch provided

Base Camp

Housing: climate-controlled log cabins
Meals: provided

Camp Travis

Housing: screened cabins with electricity, fans, and a cool, lakefront breeze
Meals: provided

Family Camp

Housing: dorm-style rooms in our lodge
Meals: provided

Bling Team

Housing: dorm-style rooms in our lodge
Meals: provided

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