for high school boy graduates
Gap Year Program

a chance to pause, reflect and discover

Pause. It’s what Selah means.

As high school comes to a close, the pressure to figure out what’s next gets intense. A lot of young adults are overwhelmed at the nagging uncertainty. That is why we are offering a new gap-year program for high school graduates looking for a chance to pause, reflect and discover where they are going next, why their faith matters and how they want to live in the world.

The Selah experience this inaugural year will be offered to both boys and girls and will be based at T Bar M’s Camp Travis location near Austin on Lake Travis. Selah offers young adults a new experience, time and support in a community that lives, eats, learns, and worships together.

Come and join others like you on a journey, to find real answers you can put into practice. Selah is about pausing, reflecting and discovering while growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ.


Discipleship Staff

  • Keith Myer

    Director of Discipleship & International Programs

  • Bob Rudy

    Lake Travis Property Manager

Program Highlights

  • Program designed for High School graduates ages 18-20 who have no college experience.
  • The 2020-21 program is available for boys and girls.
  • Selah is an 8-month program starting in September and ending in April. The program observes regular school type holidays; Thanksgiving week, 3 weeks at Christmas and a Spring Break.
  • Selah participants will be based at Camp Travis living together in a fully furnished three bedroom house.
  • All meals (3/day) are provided 7 days a week while the program is in session.
  • 4 basic components of the program
    o Discipleship – T Bar M views discipleship as a daily practice in community living, led by seasoned directors Bible study skills and real-life application.
    o Personal Discovery – each participant will work through an analysis of personal skills and giftings through a variety of testing and counseling sessions.
    o Skill development –  participants will develop marketable skills learning through apprenticeship construction, property maintenance, and typical camp readiness responsibilities.
    o Community living – structured living practiced by living with others together and doing life with each other … and since we are at camp there will be plenty of fun and excitement as together we grow in relationships.
  • Ratio of 1 to 5 relationship with seasoned director, as well as periodic involvement from several other camp directors.


  • Total cost for the 8-month program is $12,500
  • A deposit of $500 is due once application is approved and accepted.
  • Tuition is due by semesters. First semester tuition of $6,250 is due September 1st.  Second semester is due January 5th. Payment plans are available.
  • Tuition includes full room and board (meals & housing) while program is in session.
  • Tuition also includes all program expenses except one mission trip in which funds are to be raised to participate. Tuition also includes exclusive Selah swag.


How to apply

Applications will open October 1st and will be read in order of date received. Interviews will begin in November and final selections will be made in early Spring.

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