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You’ve graduated college, now what?

Timothy Team: a year-long paid discipleship program beginning in August, for young adults. If you’re thinking is team for me? The answer is yes! Our alumni come from all backgrounds and personalities. What you’ll hear often from past teamers is, “Team is what you make it!” 

“If you were to ask me what I was doing after college, I would have told you “my plan:” go to graduate school, then land a secure job. However, by the grace of God, someone wise told me to consider Tim Team. It felt like a big step, a pause on life, a big commitment, but I’d go back and choose it over and over again. There is no program more worth your time.”

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Timothy Team

9 month commitment, lifelong impact.

There are many discipleship programs to choose from, why choose this one?
Learning outside class

From daily Bible reading around the kitchen table to creative projects to invaluable skills you will learn working around camp, Timothy Team fosters many opportunities to learn and grow.

Smaller Size

The smaller size of Tim Team is unique, allowing for a more personal experience. The Timothy Team will cap at 12 individuals.

Financial benefits

Unlike most discipleship programs where you raise your own support, the Timothy Team offers a compensation package, including: a monthly salary, room and board, health insurance, food stipend, and vacation time.

Known by community

Another unique component of Timothy Team are the people you will be surrounded by. There are many opportunities to get to know and be known by other individuals and/or families in the community. 

Join the family

The McCord Family

Seth McCord, the New Braunfels Tim Team Director, is a Tim Team alumni (2010-2011) and has been working in camp ministry for 13 years. Seth and his wife, Haley, have 3 boys and love leading the team together as a family.

Have any questions? Chat with Seth. 

His Time

Once a week the team gathers for “His Time”. During “His Time,” the team will eat dinner, play games, share stories, ask one another questions, and on occasion join other families in the community. From gathering for weekly dinners to reading together each morning, Seth and his family are an integral part of team life.

“His Time was my favorite part of team. You could always count on Tuesday’s being full of stories, laughing, and good food.” -Past Teamer

27 year-long legacy, be the 28th.

1. Apply.

2. Talk to a director.

3. Join the legacy.

We know it isn’t an easy decision, but we think it’s worth it.


“My time on Tim Team was one of my most transformative years and influenced who I am today, both spiritually and professionally. It was on Tim Team where I truly learned how to abide. Daily.
I’m a better friend, leader, and business owner because of how I learned to live my life while on Team, where you’re rooted in scripture and within community.”
-Randi Beth Burton, Tim Team Alumni.
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learn real world skills.


The leadership track will teach you with skills, such as, scheduling events, delegating tasks, guest relations, and team accountability, all in an effort to glorify and honor the Lord through the work we do.


The facilities track will equip you with property maintenance skills, such as electrical/ plumbing, construction, and finish carpentry. Through these tasks, you can learn how to use your gifts to further His kingdom. This track works directly with the Facilities Director. 


The marketing track will show you how to channel your creativity as a way to glorify the Lord, through skills such as website design, social media, marketing strategy, and specific projects for camps and retreats. This track works directly with the Marketing Director.

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Tim Team; what are you waiting for? Come and see!


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