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The Timothy Team is a year-long paid discipleship program beginning each year in August. Men and women ages 21 to 25 live, work, learn and play together as they pursue apprenticeship to Jesus.  The Timothy Team’s week revolves around 4 key pillars: Reading, Training, Work, and Fellowship.

Now taking applications for 2021 – 2022.
Timothy Team

the four pillars


The Timothy Team reads scripture daily, cover to cover, together, talking and working our way through what Scripture says, what it doesn’t say, and our part in the entire Story.


Weekly extra time is taken to dive into who God is, how He made us, how He calls us, and where we go next.


The Timothy Team daily learns and practices work, knowing God created us to work and He wants us to work with diligence and for His glory.


The Timothy Team lives together, works together and plays together. Time spent with the Seth McCord (the Timothy Team Director), his family, and with other camp staff members means relationships are experienced to a whole new level.


Following Biblical guidelines, the Timothy Team is a self-supported ministry. Unlike most discipleship programs where you raise your own support, the Timothy Team offers a compensation package for its team members. The package includes: monthly salary, room and board, health insurance, use of camp facilities, discipleship materials, vacation time, and an environment of love and excitement only found at T Bar M.

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For application or more information contact Seth McCord.
  • Seth McCord

    Team Director

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