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Tired of interacting over the screen with your co-workers?

If you’re like us, your company needs an in-person retreat now more than ever. While technology, working from home, and social distancing has been crucial during this time to keep our businesses going, it’s a poor replacement for the value provided by in-person interactions.

At T Bar M, we’ve always boasted the benefits of gathering your people together in an environment outside of your normal. It’s an opportunity to refine strategy, build relationships, and motivate your team into the future. In a post-work-from-home world, these advantages are needed now more than ever.

We’ve figured out how to do this safely to mitigate the risk of COVID-19.

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“I just wanted to reach out to say thank you and the T Bar M staff for all you have done to help SpawGlass throughout the pandemic. At SpawGlass we have a saying, ‘We don’t just build buildings, we build people”’ and our culture is vital to the employee owned company we are. T Bar M’s flexibility, creativity, and partnership have allowed us to continue the programs essential to both of these aspects of our company through the pandemic. We look forward to continue to work with you on the upcoming group functions this Fall.”  – Joel Stone, CEO of SpawGlass


COVID-19 adjustments

Our goal is to stop COVID-19 BEFORE it starts at T Bar M. To do that, we are partnering with YOU, our leaders and guests! The information below gives you insight to adjustments made to keep your group healthy and safe.

Health Screening

Health Screening Questionnaire

For everyone’s safety, we are asking all participants to practice good social distancing prior to their event at T Bar M.

Upon arrival, the state requires our staff to conduct an onsite Health Screening Questionnaire and temperature check for all guests. In addition, every group will participate in a brief orientation with T Bar M staff to explain procedures we have in place. We are happy to answer any questions during this time.

If you or a guest have any questions before your event, please email [email protected]

Face Masks

All participants and staff will be required to wear face coverings when social distancing is not possible during their event. This is a mandate by the Texas government. Although this is not ideal, we are pleasantly surprised how well our guests are responding to wearing masks. It beats Zoom meetings any day!

Although face coverings are required, there are times where guests can enjoy a break from wearing them:

• while actively eating or drinking
• outdoor activities where physical distancing of 6 feet apart is manageable
• meeting indoors if chairs and tables are appropriately spaced
• while in your lodge room
• if a person has a medical condition or a disability where a mask is not able to be safely worn

To provide an extra layer of caution and comfort, our staff will be wearing face covering as they interact with guests.

Large Group Gatherings

Depending on group size and programs, there are multiple ways we can help you plan a safe retreat utilizing the experience we gained this summer.

Our Groups & Retreats Coordinators can help you plan the best strategy for your group. (*see Planner’s Guide)

Programming Changes

If your group is scheduled to participate in T Bar M programming, you will notice these adjustments in our offerings.

Group Games: we have rethought many of our popular games and themed activities to make them more COVID-friendly. This means more activities outside, more games spaced six-feet apart and high-fives replaced with elbow bumps.

Team Building Exercises: Problem-solving activities and team challenges have been reinvented to minimize close contact. We will also be spacing out debrief-sessions following every activity. These changes still encourage the same growth and learning gained by participating in team building exercises.

High Ropes: We have added an increased method for cleaning and sanitizing equipment before your group arrives. All staff will be wearing face masks and hand-washing will be required by participants before entering the course. With these new procedures, all High Rope elements are available for your group to choose from.

Hand washing and sanitizing stations are conveniently located near all of these activities.


For our Planners

Planning is an essential part of having a successful zoom-free meeting in this COVIID-19 world.

We’ve put together this guide to help you:
Planner’s Guide for COVID-19

For more details on how T Bar M is responding to the pandemic, click here: Groups COVID-19 Response

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Health Screening Information

This document explains our health screening process required to be on T Bar M property.

Health Screening


Individual Release Form

This document gives permission for any guest to be on T Bar M property.

Individual Release Form


Medical Questionnaire

This document must be completed by those participating in teambuilding or high ropes course activities.

Medical Questionnaire

meetings in a COVID-19 world

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Thank you for giving us an opportunity to help you plan your event. We would love to speak to you in person at 800.292.5469, email us at [email protected], or you are welcome to get started by completing the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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