First Half Overview 2024!

The summer theme song says it best: "Castaways searching for treasure in the big blue haze". Day in and day out our Campers are bombarded with messages telling them how to find glory. 

This summer we have already seen the Lord working in powerful ways, teaching Campers that true glory is found in Jesus Christ alone. From morning Bible studies to nightly teaching time, Campers have been transformed through the grace of our Savior. The Glory Days are now and forever!

Glory Days!

"Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name goes all the glory for your unfailing love and faithfulness." - Psalm 115:1

390 Campers

trusted in Jesus for the first time!

This is cause for CELEBRATION!! 

What does it mean to place your trust in Jesus Christ? Check out this blog to read about the Gospel and salvation!

9.35 ft 

Is the record for this summer's highest blob!

Think you can break that record? We're FUAGNEM to see you fly! 

Top 5 

worship songs sung at Camp this summer!
  1. Glory Days
  2. Abide
  3. Gratitude 
  4. My Lighthouse 
  5. Holy Forever

Check out this playlist to worship at home.


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We never want finances to be the reason a child doesn't receive the life changing experience of Camp. Your generosity over the years has enabled thousands of Campers to hear the Gospel. Thank you!

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1,998 Miles

Traveled to get to Camp!

The record for furthest traveled Camper stretches across the United States to Washington!

Who will win the summer? 

The time has come to witness the clash of legends! Our Alpha vs Omega leaderboard is ready to give you a glimpse into the epic battles of the summer. Will the Omegas continue their reign, or will the Alphas rise to the challenge? Stay tuned, cheer loudly, and get ready for the ultimate showdown when we announce the final winner at the end of the summer!

Say So

"I never thought this would be a yearly rhythm for our family, but our girls love T Bar M so much it will now be a yearly rhythm until the end.” 

- The Trbovich Family

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So far this summer Pit Viper glasses have been the most popular item in the T Bar M Camp Store! Why? Check out this video!

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