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Family Camps

Unity Beyond Family Dinners

It's more than picnics and games. And it's way more than just a week of shared activities. It's a place for families to escape routine and embrace togetherness! A place to kindle bonds and deepen mutual understanding. Love God, love others - it's our guiding principle.

Make your family time meaningful.

Family camps provide a safe space for your family to thrive, gain shared experiences, and grow your faith together.
Fun & Friends
Creating Memorable Family Moments
Our motto, Don’t Waste Fun! We create experiences to foster family bonds and lasting memories to be told again and again and again. Enjoy the opportunity to laugh, play, and grow together, forming deeper connections beyond routine.
Play & Purpose
Strengthening Bonds Through Play
Playtime is more than just fun — it's a vehicle for growth and bonding. Our range of engaging activities are designed to encourage families to step out of their comfort zone together, fostering mutual understanding and shared experiences.
Safe & Skilled
Ensuring Your Family's Well-being
Your family's safety and well-being are our top priority. Our staff undergoes a rigorous training program, equipping them to ensure both physical and emotional safety for every family member during camp.
  • Lee B.Camp Dad
    "Taking a whole weekend to spend with my boys doing men things with other Godly men has become a tradition I don't want to leave behind. It's worth it."
  • Molly H.Camp Mom
    "I love that Maddie and I get to spend uninterrupted time playing together, reading God's Word ... there's no end to her questions and I have the focus to respond to each and every one .... I love it!"
  • Emily M.Mother Daughter Mom
    "I so appreciated a weekend free of distractions where I could focus in on my little girl."

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