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Short term commitment. Lifelong Impact.

Timothy Team

Jump into a 9-month paid adventure with T Bar M's Timothy Team. Focus on your faith, connect with new friends, and boost your career skills through engaging Bible studies, shared living experiences, and service at T Bar M Camps & Retreats.

Make this year the year you choose to invest in your faith journey.

"It felt like a big step, a pause on life, a big commitment, but I’d go back and choose it over and over again. There is no program more worth your time.” 

-Tim Team Alumni

What is Timothy Team?

It's a short term commitment with a lifelong Impact. It's living and growing together to be better apprentices of Jesus.

Community of People

Communities are not found, they are built. We are going to share our lives together to grow in our love for Jesus and our love for each other.

Apprentices of Jesus

He is the master; we are the students. We are going to seek to learn the way of Jesus by practicing the disciplines that he used.

How do we hit our goal?

It’s nothing new or special. We do what Christians have done for as long as there have been Christians. We will practice the spiritual disciplines in 4 core areas.

Reading | 7+ Hours/Week

We will read scripture together and discuss together. It is not Bible study, it is reading together and it will change your life.

Training | 6+ Hours/Week

What are the spiritual disciplines and how do we do them? These are the disciplines to learn and develop in our walk with Jesus.

Work | 35+ Hours/Week

This is not school! Philippians 2 says that Jesus came to serve. We want to learn how to serve like He served. The primary way we do this is by serving Retreat groups that come to T Bar M. This looks like everything from facilitating our ropes course and lifeguarding, to taking our the trash and vacuuming floors. We want to learn faithfulness. But we are still a camp, so we work hard and play hard too.

Fellowship | 10+ Hours/Week

This is a covenant community where we want to intentionally love one another. We do this by communal living, working together, and having family dinners in the T Bar M community.

Opportunities within the Timothy Team

Doing life together for 9-months gives you a chance to grow life skills. Including skills that will look good on a resume.


Learn about leading and managing your peers, hospitality, and team building.


Learn how to care for a property. Learn the basics of construction, plumbing, electrical, and more.


Learn how we market our camps and retreats. Grow in design skills, communication, and creativity.

Meet the McCords

Hello, my name is Seth. I've been a part of the T Bar M camp ministry for 13 years serving in a variety of roles – I'm even a proud Tim Team Alumni (2010-11). Now I gladly serve in the role of Timothy Team Director. I can't wait for you to meet my wife Haley along with my three young boys. We serve as a family and can't wait to meet you.

Meet Natalie Honore

Natalie, the Tim Team Women’s Director, combines her past role as a camp director with insights from a post-college discipleship program. She loves coming alongside the Tim Team to mentor and lead together with Seth.
  • Phil RichTim Team Alumni
    "During Timothy Team I grew exponentially in my relationship with the Lord and in understanding of my talents and design. Besides, where else can you be in Scripture in the morning and then thirty feet in the air on a ropes course in the afternoon!"
  • Georgia Kate M.Tim Team Alumni
    "I'm not one for dramatic statements, but Tim Team changed my life. I was nurtured, cared for, and challenged in ways I never had been before. My time on team was full of adventure and joy."
  • Randi Beth BurtonTim Team Alumni
    "My time on Tim Team was one of my most transformative years and influenced who I am today, both spiritually and professionally. It was on Tim Team where I truly learned how to abide. Daily. I’m a better friend, leader, and business owner because of how I learned to live my life while on Team, where you’re rooted in scripture and within community."

Frequently Asked Questions

Work Schedules

We work a Tuesday through Sunday schedule. Mondays are usually off. We also take extended time off at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

Cost of Living

Since teamers live in the Mission House, your housing is covered. We also have a food stipend for the house to share. You will be cooking with each other, which is a part of the fun!

What is the pay?

We pay a monthly stipend of $600. It won’t get you rich, but it’s better than nothing.

Health Insurance

You can hop on T Bar M’s health insurance.

Significant Dates

Start Date: August, 2024

End Date: May, 2025

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Is Tim Team for you?

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If you have any questions, call 830.620.4863 and ask for Seth.