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Connecting Your People Matters.

But finding the right spot can be challenging. Trust T Bar M, with 40+ years in hosting unforgettable retreats. Delight your team with our unique property– the ideal place for unwinding, fun, and reconnection.

Step Out of Your Routine.

Make Your Retreat Unique!

Don’t worry, we’ll help you make it happen! We have experienced Retreat Coordinators who will be dedicated to helping you plan the details for an unforgettable time with your people. With such great properties, your group will have no problem keeping our #1 Rule at Camp...Don’t Waste Fun!

We Provide

Meeting Space
Camp Fun!
* Meals provided at New Braunfels location only

You Provide

  • Esther J.The Lord's Church of Austin
    “Our church members had a great time during their stay at T Bar M, a fantastic campsite and retreat center that I highly recommend. The entire staff was incredibly welcoming, accommodating, and friendly to everyone who visited the campus. They were always willing to help whenever we needed them. The food was excellent, and the accommodations were comfortable. We are grateful for the wonderful space that T Bar M provides for our church to retreat to and get refreshed.”
  • JJ Weeks1921 Consultants
    “We partnered with T Bar M for a one-day company retreat. The meeting room was perfect, lunch was great, and the team building activities led by the T Bar M Staff were awesome and fun. We will be back.”
  • Doug M.Dallas Theological Seminary
    "The hospitality, the facilities, the accommodations, the food and the staff have always exceeded our expectations. Our donors from around the country come back year after year to enjoy the Texas brand of hospitality that T Bar M is known for."

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