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Why Be Part of A Church?

Cole reminds us of the importance of being part of a church…not just attending a service on the weekend. Rather, being in relationship with people to spur one another on is where some real, life-value is found.

Comparisons…Don’t Count on Them

My Nana used to say, “It’s like apples to oranges”. Sure, I might prefer one over the other … but I can’t compare them.
Kelli leads us to scripture showing why we don’t need to compare ourselves to others.

Integrity…Humility Helps

Are you as spiritual as most of your friends? Wow…that’s not really a good question, BUT if you’re anything like me, I imagine that has crossed your conscience at some point. There have maybe been other comparisons you’ve dealt with in life too. Katie has a great challenge for us to be who God has made us to be. Check it out!