Archives: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Navigating Mental Health

Mental Health or the lack thereof is something affecting so many of us. Walt brings to light the value and blessings of prioritizing mental health in our families.

Why Does Modesty Matter?

Modest is hottest….But is it really? Every girl has wrestled with finding what is cute yet not revealing or suggestive at some point or another. Does God really care about what we wear? Kara points us straight to His heart on the matter.

Truth About Female Sexual Sin

Every female heart has longings. As our world aims to fill these only leading us to brokenness Kara points us to God’s life-giving truth. Dig in!

Make Exercise A Lifestyle…An Enjoyable One

There are so many ways we can exercise! It doesn’t have to be hard core Crossfit all the time. What does your family do to make exercise part of your lifestyle? See what great ideas Trish suggests…

Hygiene…More Than Showering

Some people might have the need for speed, some have the need for clean. Actually, we all have the need for clean, and not just clean clothes, fingernails, and hair. Read on to see how clean hands can help with a clean heart.