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What is the Value of a Spiritual Foundation?

Community. We all need it. We all crave it. We are called to walk this life with our brothers and sisters in the Christ who will spur us on toward love and good deeds. Madi reminds us of the importance of helping our kids have a strong spiritual foundation as they grow up.

How Can Parents Help Kids Find Community?

Having a solid group of like-minded friends who you laugh and enjoy life’s joys and troubles with, there’s nothing better! Braxton walks us through helping our kids find community as they’re growing up.

The Adventure Race

A race you and your family won’t forget. This is a wild and crazy adventure race you and your family won’t soon forget. Contestants will compete together as a team. Be prepared for anything … jumping in a pool, crawling through dirt, and most importantly not wasting any fun. All proceeds go to benefit camper…

What is the Value of Attending Church Services with your Children?

What we do…how we choose to spend our time speaks volumes to our children. Choosing to attend church services can help us all know God better and be connected to His people. Callie reminds us…read on.

Responsibility Includes Mistakes…That’s OK!

Do you find it hard to trust your child with a big responsibility? What if they don’t complete it? What if they make a mistake…even a big one? What if this practice is exactly what they need? Tyler points to how we can teach responsibility. Let’s dig in!

Live in Community…It is the Good Life!

Ever stepped on the one, lone Lego when someone didn’t exactly get them all put where they belong? It’s painful, eh! When that Lego is carefully placed as a piece of a masterful creation it serves its purpose wonderfully and the world is a much better place, probably with one fewer not-so-nice word screamed out as well! It is very similar when we live in isolation versus in community. Read on!

Stretched to Dependency

Sometimes we see it coming … the stretch zone. We put the brakes on, no way, no how, I am NOT doing “THAT”…fly across the world and help people who have no water…You don’t possibly think I can be a friend to that person … we have NOTHING in common…we do not have what it takes to bring someone in need into our home.

Community is Worth It

It takes effort to be known, and it’s risky. The Bible tells us it’s worth it. Will encourages us to be a part of authentic community. Let’s do it.