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How to Teach Kids to Manage Finances

Whatever current financial situation any of us may be in currently, there are things we can all do to intentionally equip our kids to manage finances well…by being good stewards. Walt’s wise words show us exactly how scripture says we do just that!
April’s Topic: Teach Kids to “Adult” Well

How to Keep Perspective…Further Than 10 Minutes from Now

When is the last time you’ve had a hard time keeping an eternal perspective? For many of us, we probably don’t have to think too hard for something to come to mind. Chief leads us in how we can help our kids (well, and ourselves too!) keep a long term perspective…even in the instant world we live in.*

Work Like Ants!

Ever watched a colony of ants at work? Maybe you can picture that person or group of people who “work like ants.” What a compliment! Check out what Cole says we can learn from ANTS.