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Why We Should Have Tough Conversations with our Kids

Think of a topic you might absolutely freak out about if your child asked you about it. Now, what if you brought it up to him first? Go ahead…gasp, choke, cough, and sputter. But also take courage in the truth Seth shares with us about this very thing!

(October will be a repeat of topics as we are working to create a new Family Matters experience for you!)

How to Approach the Topic of Lust

When is the right time to begin talking with our kids about lust? Probably sooner than most of us might prefer. Colby bravely points us to why we need to jump in to this tough topic and how we can do just that.

Sex Talks…Keep Communication Lines Open

A 30 second conversation we have with our kids about purity or the sanctity of sex will have an impact. It will. Little conversations and touch points turn into volumes of great information and a solid foundation. Kelli reminds us of the value of keeping communication lines open…even about sex.

Pornography…Don’t Assume Your Kids Don’t Struggle

A matter of belief…this is what pornography comes down to. With grace, Seth points us to truth on how we can help our kids win over the sin of viewing pornography. Spoiler alert: The answer is pursuing Christ.

The Truth About Sex and Our Kids

Sex. Sexuality. Pornography…all words that are uncomfortable to read much less talk about with our kids. The need is great however. Jacob directs us through some nitty gritty in these areas.

Temptations of a Young Man – How Can I Respond?

It ain’t easy being a real man…especially when it comes to fleeing sexual immorality. Judah points us toward God’s ways to do exactly that. Read on and be encouraged!

3 Tips for Having Hard Conversations

“Hey bud, you ever hear the word ‘sex’ at school?” Imagine the gasp, the darting eyes, the thoughts of wanting to escape to anywhere but this conversation with Dad!! Well, these kinds of conversations between a parent and a child are SO needed. Sean gives us the why and the how. Let’s be brave!

Sexual Relationships: Parents, Talk About These with Kids.

Talk about a tough subject…When is the right time? What’s the right setting? How much do I say? Should I leave anything for later? What if I laugh like I am a Junior High kid?! Shane helps us navigate through this difficult endeavor.