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Serving up Yellow Meal (bonus track included)

Serving up yellow meal ... with alumni!

With the bright yellow sun in the sky and our favorite yellow meal on our plate, we gathered our local alumni at the Sports Field at Base Camp, just for fun … and man, was it fun!

We simply can’t wait to gather YOU in your towns, back at Base Camp or Camp Travis … be watching for those plans.

Hebrews 10:25 reminds us to gather, “Let us not neglect meeting together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.”

There are a lot of things to love about a good gathering … the time with friends, the reminder of what God does in a place and in our lives, and of course a good meal together.   

So, gather some folks that encourage you, serve up some chicken, apple sauce, mac and cheese, and give thanks to The Lord! 

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Bonus Track: I love you more ...

While we love the yellow meal … we don’t love it as much as we love the Savior that brings us all together.   

And with that, we present to you ... the lyrics of (we suggest reading with in soulful, poetic voice)

"I love you more than the yellow meal" by tommy Connell circa 2000

Pass the plate that holds the cornbread
How many pieces can I take?
I need another glass of lemonade
To wash down this yellow cake

Mac n cheese makes me happy
I love those chicken nuggets too
But when it comes to a hungry heart
Yellow Meal it just won’t do

O Lord Jesus won’t You give me
A little taste of what is real
You satisfy my soul like nothing else, Lord, I love you 
more than Yellow Meal

For Yellow Meal I’d cross the mountains
I’d do whatever I was able
I’d get thrown into the Sports Pool
When I leave my elbows on the table

O Lord Jesus won’t You give me
A little taste of what is real
You satisfy my soul like nothing else, Lord, I love you more than Yellow Meal

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Iron Sharpens Iron

Working at T Bar M brings a lot of intangible benefits that help make up for the low pay and plastic mattresses for a summer.  We all walked away with: ...a deeper love for the Lord,...heightened work ethic,...great memories,...changed lives. The Lord changed our lives through the people we served alongside. Those people, those relationships, […]
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Hoops for Hope

It has always been a prayer at T Bar M that those whose life was changed by Jesus while serving at Camp, would go and make an impact wherever they land. Like many others, Jason Phillips is doing just that. The summers of 1994-1996, you would find Jason Phillips with a basketball in hand, smile […]
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Bringing others to Jesus

Four Guys ... four faithful friends experienced something that they wanted their buddy to experience. Though there was a bit of a physical challenge to get him there, that didn’t stop them from loading up their friend who could not walk and taking him to Jesus. Not near Jesus, but TO Jesus. They lowered their […]
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