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Earning Points for Your Team

Earning point in FUAGNEM February is a lot easier than you think ... applying the rhythms of our summers or years at T Bar M into our everyday life.

We sit and eat with our friends.
We strive to huddle up as a family at the end of a day, even if it’s only to talk through hard things.
We take our neighbors trash can in.
We for sure eat at Chick-fil-A. (Surely that’s the yellow meal)
We text each other encouraging things … sometimes.
We find ourselves telling our kids about how we used to have 12 kids that cleaned cabins.
We get excited when we see our own kid apply to Work Crew or to be a Coach.
We tell others about what God is doing in our lives and listen as they do the same.

And if it's not those things... it’s time to grab those camo pants, cue the Mission Impossible music and start.

It will make your days better and help YOUR team win. (Motivator: Looks like the Alphas have the lead now!)

Download this score sheet. Tape it to your fridge, put it in your car, place it in the middle of the table. Use these categories to have high connection, silly moments and fun with your friends, roommates, and family. Simply keep a tally mark of each time you do one of the tasks, tally it up, and send it to alumni@tbarm.org by February 29th (yep, we have an extra day to "Don't Waste Fun" this year).

The WINNER of this Alumni Competition plus the Summer 2024 Summer Theme will be announced on March 1st.

I know, you can't wait. Me Either
- Kelli Boyd + Your T Bar M Family

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Iron Sharpens Iron

Working at T Bar M brings a lot of intangible benefits that help make up for the low pay and plastic mattresses for a summer.  We all walked away with: ...a deeper love for the Lord,...heightened work ethic,...great memories,...changed lives. The Lord changed our lives through the people we served alongside. Those people, those relationships, […]
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Hoops for Hope

It has always been a prayer at T Bar M that those whose life was changed by Jesus while serving at Camp, would go and make an impact wherever they land. Like many others, Jason Phillips is doing just that. The summers of 1994-1996, you would find Jason Phillips with a basketball in hand, smile […]
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Bringing others to Jesus

Four Guys ... four faithful friends experienced something that they wanted their buddy to experience. Though there was a bit of a physical challenge to get him there, that didn’t stop them from loading up their friend who could not walk and taking him to Jesus. Not near Jesus, but TO Jesus. They lowered their […]
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