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Never Give Up

They say a picture says a thousand words. And this one sure does. Paige (Nowlin) and Hudson High, lifetime campers as well as Coaches, would never have dreamed they would be standing in the T Bar M gym with their own kiddoes back when they were campers in the very same space. 

Yet, there they were … cheering on the Alphas in an Alumni Dodge Ball Games. You know the drill, Alphas lined up under one basketball goal and the Omegas under the other. The music starts, everyone runs (or takes cover) and the balls begin to fly.  Alphas and Omegas were picked off pretty evenly … in the beginning. Then, we look up to see five-year-old, Eden High as the lone Alpha against a team of Omegas.

The game continued, and her parents tell it well. “In the face of the blue wave, she stood her ground and continued to rapid-fire dodgeballs indiscriminately to weaken the offensive front. Never once did her sight stray from the task at hand: holding down the Alpha front. This is the way.”  says dad, Hudson High.

Her mom, Paige, continues, “I looked up to see Eden as the last remaining Alpha, somewhat expecting her to just run to the sideline, but that girl held her own. (Against a very, very, kind Omega team). She never gave up.

No doubt there was an air of competition, but that was superseded by the cheers from the Alphas and the kindness of the Omegas.

Isn’t that the way many days feel … an air of competition from the world, and what it asks of us. But, when we walk with the Lord closely … we are cheered on, and see His kindness and grace as we continue to face the enemy.

How is God encouraging and giving you grace today? How are you doing the same for others?

"Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11.

(and yes, the Omegas won.)

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