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I didn't know the value of good o manual labor until that first Training Camp at T Bar M in 1993, but it did set foundations that I continue to use today. The outcome of two hours of painting fences and moving rocks was quite more than two checks on the "to do" list. It is where I (and countless other college and high school students) learned much, much more.

T Bar M Camps is offering that very opportunity for High School students each summer ... and this summer it is growing even more. We are committed to (and excited about) our dedicated Work Crew, comprised of high school students who are eager to serve, lead, and deepen their faith. These students play a vital role in enriching the camp experience for everyone involved. It's a unique opportunity for them to forge connections, gain valuable leadership skills, and leave a lasting impact on our community. And we are confident these all transfer to their daily life way beyond this summer.

It will be an experience that is built on these five components:
--Strengthening their Faith
--Building Community
--Apprenticeship in Service
--Weekly Bible Study
--Leadership Development

(and did we mention it would be so much fun ... words just don't do justice?)

We believe that our summer work crew program offers a unique opportunity for high school students to grow personally, spiritually, and socially while making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

-Austin Mankin, Base Camp Director

For all the details and how to apply, read below.

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Relationships Matter

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Glory Days

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